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Over 1,000 players turned out for this week’ edition of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday – 1,016 to be exact – making it one of the largest $200K tournaments in recent weeks. Like the previous week’s Major, the tournament ended in a chop, but this one was split three-way instead of four, with Nild0n claiming the lion’s share of the spoils, or $21,487.97 if you want to put a figure on it.

All but nine of those 1,016 entrants were eliminated before the clocks struck 4:30 a.m BST, and it was the talented grinder JWPRODIGY11 who led those nine going into the final table.

Also present at the business end of the tournament was the former $200K Guaranteed champion aggr0vated and the player who finished fourth in last week’s $200K, onlyGoodMusic

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (September 14, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 Nild0n 778,326
2 asdfaa288 337,764
3 Anomander_R 292,403
4 Never_Tilt 237,898
5 BamBamPuGubam 1,049,517
6 nilm4r 412,412
7 onlyGoodMusic 323,421
8 aggr0vated 436,693
9 JWPRODIGY11 1,211,626

The first 16 hands of the final table passed without major incident, but the same cannot be said for hand number 17.

With blinds at 10,000/20,000/2,000a, nilma4r raised all-in for 231,007 chips from middle position with and after onlyGoodMusic folded, aggr0vated called with . The other active players folded and the race for the win began. It was a race that aggr0vated ultimately won when the board came to leave the pocket fives as the nest hand and the tournament with eight players.

asdfaa288 sat at the final table as one of the shortest stacks and never managed to get a rhythm going as play progressed and when he did make a move, he ran into a superior holding.

JWPRODIGY11 min-raised to 50,000 from the cutoff and then instantly called when asdfaa288 re-raised all-in from the small blind for 103,264 chip in total. It was the for asdfaa288 versus the and although asdfaa288 caught a queen on the flop, JWPRODIGY11 spiked the on the river to bust asdfaa288 in eighth place.

Forty more hands went by before a key hand in the tournament – for Nild0n anyway – occurred.

Nild0n raised twice the size of the big blind to 60,000 from under the gun and to his immediate left was Anomander_R who three-bet all-in for 534,306 in total. The rest of the players folded quicker than an origami champion, but Nild0n had opened the betting with a pair of kings and was going nowhere.


Nild0n flipped over and discovered those “cowboys” were way, way ahead of the in Anomander_R’s hand. That fact remained true as the five community fell [Ja] to leave only six players in the hunt for the title.

Those six became five when aggr0vated made the right move at the wrong time.

Down to 371,103 chips and looking down at , agg0vated saw the perfect opportunity to move all-in in an attempt to steal the ample blinds and antes, which is what he attempted to do when he was first to act from the cutoff. Usually, this move would have worked, but not this time because Nild0n was lying in wait in the small blind with .

When the action got to Nild0n he moved all-in and when the five community cards were in view, they read , giving both players a straight although Nild0n held the nut straight, which meant aggr0vated’s tournament ended.

Ten hands later and the players drew closer to the first place prize with the exit of BamBamPoGubam in fifth place. BamBamPoGubam open-shoved for 530,767 from under the gun and onlyGoodMusic re-shoved to make it 957,467 in total. All the other players ducked out of the way, leaving the of onlyGoodMusic to go to battle with the of BamBamPoGubam.

The board was void of drama and the tournament lost another player.

What turned out to be the final elimination of the night saw a huge pot created and JWPRODIGY11 being elimination.

JWPRODIGY11 opened the betting with a min raise to 80,000 from the button. Mild0n responded with an all-in three-bet of over 1.866 million from the small blind and Never_Tilt called off the rest of his 300,296 chips from the big blind. JWPRODIGY11 called all-in too, which created a main pot of 916,888 and a side pot of 2,097,994!


Wow! What a hand! The first three community cards fell , keeping the pocket tens of Never_Tilt best. The on the turn failed to alter the course of the hand and when the completed the board, Never_Tilt won the main pot, Nild0n the side pot and JWPRODIGY11 crashed out in fourth place.

The remaining trio of players agreed to look at the figures to make a deal and after brief negotiations, a deal was struck and this week’s $200K Guaranteed brought to a close.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (September 14, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 Nild0n $21,487.97*
2 onlyGoodMusic $18,141.00*
3 Never_Tilt $14,071.05*
4 JWPRODIGY11 $7,400.00
5 BamBamPuGubam $5,300.00
6 aggr0vated $3,900.00
7 Anomander_R $2,900.00
8 asdfaa288 $2,400.00
9 nilm4r $1,900.00

*reflects a three-handed deal

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