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Mike Sexton is one of the true legends of poker. Having played the game for most of his life, Mike has seen almost everything in poker and what he hasn’t seen probably isn’t worth seeing!

In addition to being one of poker’s greats, Mike is also one of the best storytellers in the world and whenever he starts reeling off one of his many stories and anecdotes, everyone within earshot stops what they’re doing and hangs off Mike’s every word.

In recent weeks, Mike has been relaying a number of stories to some of the team partypoker pros such as Kara Scott, Jamie Kerstetter and Scott Baumstein, to Mike’s World Poker Tour broadcasting partner Vince Van Patten and to anyone and everyone who wanted to listen in.

Thankfully, we have had a camera team with Mike while he has been spinning a tale or two and are delighted that we can bring some of those stories to you via the partypoker blog.

Sexton Speaks: “Stu Ungar had a genius IQ and a photographic memory…”

Mike was good friends with the late Stu Ungar, who we all know was a genius of a poker player. We also know, from an earlier video from Mike, that Ungar was a huge fish when it came to golf bets. He was, however, a superb card counter and was banned from playing Blackjack throughout Las Vegas as a result!

In this video, Mike recalls a great story about how Ungar won a $10,000 bet using his amazing memory.

Sexton Speaks: “Two Queens? Get rid of those things!

When it comes to taking bad beats, Mike Sexton has seen them all. He’s even been on the receiving end of a few horrific beats in his time, one of which he talks about in this latest episode of Mike Sexton’s Round Table. Find out why Mike jokingly says you should fold pocket queens preflop!

Sexton Speaks: “He [Stu Ungar] may have only played 35 big buy-in tournaments in his lifetime and he won 10 of them!”

Mike Sexton was good friends with the late Stu Ungar, a legend in poker and gambling circles. Everyone remembers Ungar for his fearless style of play, a style that saw him win millions from poker and gin rummy, but when it came to betting on golf it seems he was something of a flop!

Sexton Speaks: “In home games back in my day, you had to look around and see who was losing and make sure you cashed out before they did when you knew they couldn’t pay!”

It’s difficult to imagine the poker legend that is Mike Sexton sat playing poker in a home game, but that’s how he spent a large percentage of the first eight years of his career. In the latest episode of Mike Sexton’s Round Table, Mike talks about the home games of old and comes out with a couple of great one-liners.

Sexton Speaks: “I always wanted to put on an event in poker where you couldn’t buy in, where you had to earn your way in.

Were you aware that it was Mike Sexton that dreamt up the idea of the Tournament of Champions, the first live poker event where players had to earn the right to play and couldn’t buy in? It was a ground-breaking concept and one that led to Mike becoming heavily involved in partypoker and the World Poker Tour.

Find out more about the Tournament of Champions in the latest edition of Mike Sexton’s Round Table.

Sexton Speaks: Sam, You’ll Always Be My Hero Sam Trickett!

Mike Sexton was one of 48 players who competed in the inaugural Big One for One Drop event. The $1 million buy-in tournament took place at the 2012 World Series of Poker and resulted in Sam Trickett becoming Mike’s hero. Find out why in this video!

Sexton Speaks: Mike Goes to Las Vegas

Mike Sexton has been heading to Las Vegas, Nevada since 1977, but have you ever wondered what Mike’s first experience of “Sin City” was like? If the answer to that question is yes you are in luck because this exclusive video shows Mike talking about his first trip to Las Vegas.

Sexton Speaks: How partypoker Got Its Name

Mike Sexton has been with partypoker from the very beginning, but have you ever wondered how Mike landed such a superb gig or how the company became partypoker? Watch this clip to find out from the great man himself.

Sexton Speaks: Mike Sexton’s First World Series of Poker

Every poker player worth his or her salt loves the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and Mike is no different. Mike made his first trip to the WSOP back in 1984 and has been making the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas almost every year since.

Find out what Mike’s first experience of the WSOP was like by listening to his recollect his 1984 trip to “Sin City.”

Sexton Speaks: How Mike Sexton Got Into Poker

Mike is one of the most experienced poker players on the planet, but even the veterans of the game needed to start somewhere. In this video clip, Mike lets you know how he got into the superb and exciting game that is poker.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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