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Imagine if someone walked up to you and dropped $100,000 in your lap and said it was yours to do whatever you wanted with. How amazing would that be? What would you spend it on? While we’re the generous sort here at partypoker, we won’t be simply giving you $100,000, but we are guaranteeing that the first place prize of this weekend’s $500K Guaranteed Sunday is at least $100,000 and could even be more!

To most of the world’s population, $100,000 is a lot of money. It is a lot of money that could be put to good use. It is also a lot of money that you could use to treat yourself or your loved ones, possibly with one of the following ideas for spending $100,000!

Learn to Become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot

According to some research performed by yours truly, it costs the average helicopter pilot £60,000 in order to gain enough experience through lessons, flying hours and examinations before they are able to find work as a pilot.

It seems like a lot of money, but how awesome would it be to brag about being a helicopter pilot.

Stay at The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India For Two Nights

The Presidential Suite
The Presidential Suite at The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India is one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. I saw rooms loosely because the suite has 20 different rooms!

Apparently, it costs around $45,000 per night to stay in it, so by the time you’ve got there and slept for two nights you won’t have much change left from your $100,000.

Buy Yourself a Lamborghini Gallardo

$100,000 should buy you a second-hand Lamborghini Gallardo, one with around 35,000 miles on the clock. With 500 BHP, a 0.60 mph time of 4 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph, it would be up there with the most exhilarating $100,000 you could spend.

Who cares that it is second-hand, IT IS A LAMBO!

Play a Full Season on the World Poker Tour

OK, this one needs some creativity to do because I took a look at the WPT events from Season 12 and you would need around $113,500 to have played in every one of them. However, we’re sure that if you were spending $100,000 on WPT buy-ins that you would at least cash for an additional $13,500 so you could play in each and every one of the Main Events!

Buy Around the World Business Class Flights For You and Five Others

Again, thanks to the power of search engines, I have discovered that you can buy around the world business class travel for around £10,000. Throw five more tickets into the mix and viola, your $100,000 is gone and you get to see the world.

Go to Every Formula One Grand Prix in the World With a Friend

grand prix
Being trackside at a Forumla One event is one of the most exciting sporting spectacles you will ever witness. Should you wake up on Monday morning having won $100,000, you could buy flights, hotel accommodation and weekend tickets to each of the current 13 F1 stops and probably have change for a couple of beers while you are there.

Do Something Boring Like Pay Your Mortgage Off

OK, this is sensible, but you don’t get excited while being sensible, do you?

Buy Into Every $200K Guaranteed For The Next 9.6 Years!

Once the $500K Guaranteed is out of the way — hopefully with you as its champion — the $200K Guaranteed Sunday returns. This weekly Major costs $200 to enter, which by our reckoning means you could buy into it 500 times. With 52 weeks in a year, you should be able to buy into it every week for approximately 9.6 years!

Alternatively, you could buy into every single Sunday Major ever week for 74 weeks!

When is the partypoker $500K Guaranteed Sunday?

The $500k Guaranteed kicks off on September at 7:00pm BST (2:00pm ET) and costs the same $200 to enter as our $200K, yet its guarantee is 2.5x larger than usual. If you buy into this amazing online event directly we will add a $200 bonus to your account, which makes the $500K Guaranteed even better value!

Those of you who would love to compete for a $100,000 first place prize, but find the $200 buy-in out of reach, don’t worry because there are a plethora of qualifiers and satellites running at partypoker throughout the day with buy-ins ranging from as little as $1 and increasing up to a still affordable $50. The value-seekers among you may want to set your alarms for 3:30 p.m BST on Sunday 21 September because we are running a $5 Mega Satellite that has an astonishing 100 seats to the $500K Guaranteed! Don’t miss that one!

Head to Dublin to Watch the 2014 World Grand Prix of Darts

These days, darts players enter the arena to their own special theme tune, which is quite fitting seeing how we’re talking about music. partypoker is sponsoring the 2014 World Grand Prix in Dublin and you could be heading there with a superb package to watch the action unfold in front of your very eyes.

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