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Having staged successful events in the past (’24 hr Big Game’ and WPT UK), a new and exciting agreement between partypoker and Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) promises to expand and strengthen UK’s poker scene, both for live and online events.

DTD owner Rob Yong is a European poker pioneer and one of, if not the most, respected poker person in the UK. Rob is a “doer. He doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ but on backs his words up with action on all occasions. Rob will be working closely with key partypoker decision makers to grow UK poker from the grassroots. I have no doubt, given Rob and partypoker’s commitment, of their forthcoming success.

I attended my first trip to Dusk Till for a WPT event last November and was very impressed with their Nottingham venue (much larger than I expected), the high turn-out and the staff’s professionalism (the best dealers I’ve come across). Simon Trumper, DTD’s tournament director, is a long-time player who understands players’ needs. He is recognized across the globe for his professionalism and expertise when it comes to running live events.

So here are the details:

DTD’s monthly Deepstack will be re-branded ‘The partypoker Deepstack’ and the DTD Grand Prix will be rebranded “The partypoker Grand Prix”. Taking place across the UK, a partypoker Grand Prix UK Tour will emphasise small buy-ins and big guarantees. UK poker players are in for a treat as the full DTD crew, including Simon Trumper, will all be part of the experience.

From Feb 19th, DTD online poker – as a separate entity – ceased to exist. For those in the UK look for a DTD tab to be displayed in the partypoker lobby. DTD players will need to open partypoker accounts or use their existing partypoker accounts. The website is under development and will provide players with news, updates, and announcements for online and live partypoker events. Michelle Orpe, a former TV presenter and sponsored poker player, will be hosting the @ partyokerUK Twitter account and the partypoker closed Facebook Community Forum (for which you will need a partypoker account to be a member of).

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what effect the addition of the loyal DTD following has on the upcoming $500K Guaranteed Event on March 1, a tournament that we need almost 2,700 players to turn for if we’re to hit the massive guarantee!

It’s an exciting time for UK & European poker players. Tournament poker, both online and live, is about to explode in the UK. On behalf of poker players everywhere, I say “Thank You!” to DTD, partypoker, and Rob Yong. The UK poker world is lucky to have a visionary and innovator of Rob’s lofty stature.

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