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We have some exciting news from partypoker HQ that we simply must share. We have remodelled our loyalty program and come up with a new and improved VIP scheme that makes it easier to become a Silver, Gold or Palladium member. What’s more, cash is back!

With the new loyalty program, you’ll get the chance to exchange your points for cash at a rate of up to 22.2%. The higher your loyalty level, the better the rate of exchange. Are you as excited as we are about this?

The new loyalty program, which you’re automatically a part of, begins on Sunday 1 March. The four levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Palladium – as well as the way and rate you earn points, remains unchanged. We have, however, made it much easier to climb the loyalty ladder.

Check out the table below to see how many points, under the new program, are needed to move up loyalty levels:

Loyalty Level Old points requirement New points requirement
Bronze 0 0
Silver 400 per month 50 per month
Gold 1,000 per month 750 per month
Palladium 9,000 per quarter 2,000 per month

Until more details are released shortly, here’s a quick summary to whet your whistle.

  • We have drastically changed the monthly targets needed to reach each VIP level
  • The introduction of new Weekly Loyalty tournaments
  • We’ve completely changed what you can buy in the points store. The biggest change: CASH IS BACK!

To celebrate reinstating cashback and all of the other exciting changes, we are giving you the chance to qualify for the $500K Guaranteed for free – oh yes, that massive event is returning, too! The Freeway to $500K promotion, where we are giving away a staggering 100 seats to the $500K Guaranteed, runs from February 16 to February 28.

And you’ll only play against people in your loyalty level, giving you a better chance of winning a seat and a shot at the $100,000 first place prize, the cherry on top of this already incredible promotion.

Points earned Prize Tournament prize
5 Freeway to $500K: Bronze Final Ticket 10 seats to the $500K Guaranteed
50 Freeway to $500K: Silver Final Ticket 20 seats to the $500K Guaranteed
750 Freeway to $500K: Gold Final ticket 30 seats to the $500K Guaranteed
2,000 Freeway to $500K: Palladium Final ticket 40 seats to the $500K Guaranteed

If you’re not already tingling with excitement, wait until we tell you about the special Loyalty Launcher that runs from March 1 to March 8. By earning as many points as possible during this promotional period, you’ll be able to get your hands on up to $20 in cash and earn up to 50% more points, depending on your VIP level, on March 1!

Are you looking forward to the new loyalty scheme? Which level will you be aiming for? Let us know in the comments box below!

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