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I am at Frankfurt airport and I am off to Houston in the US. Mission control can you hear me? In my role as manager and sponsor of the Lithuanian men’s basketball team I am heading out to oversee three friendly matches as warm-up for London 2012 Olympic qualifiers in Venezuela on 29th June. In Houston we are playing three friendly matches, two against Great Britain and one against Russia to send them back to Russia!

Houston we have no problems!

The squad is going to acclimatize in Houston before going to Venezuela. I have a new suit and am looking forward to meeting the Mayor of Caracas at the airport in my role as Vice President of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation. Then I am off to meet Hugo Chavez, whether that is heads-up I do not know. The plan in Venezuela is simply to qualify for the Olympics, I know we are qualified! I have had to sacrifice entering the One Drop at the WSOP for the sake of my country. It is a shame this clashes as I have recently been in Minsk and am well fattened up from there and healthy you could say.

One Drop

Guy is doing a great thing in Vegas for an amazing cause so I encourage you to rail my Team team mate Mike Sexton from here on. I have channelled my energy through him so he’ll crush Robl if necessary. The best way to follow all the action in this history making tournament is to follow the updates on : the team are doing an amazing job in Vegas.

Back Home

Zasko is at home at Tony Resort, guarding the empire. While I was there I got him a new friend to play with (not Hellmuth’s neck) by the name of Nordus – a fine young german shepherd who also likes to go hunting in the woods. I named him after a bank that helped me fund Tony Resort, if that’s the case I suppose I should have called him Minsk!

England FTW!

I have been giving you my tips for Euro 2012 on twitter but in the last couple of days you’ve been really vocal in your responses. I tipped Ukraine and they lost but quite frankly they scored against England and they deserve to be champions. I had a huge bet on Ukraine – I really think something has to be done about goal line technology. I tend to think this was a huge conspiracy on the part of the English but I suppose what is done is done. From here on I am supporting and backing England.

No WSOP This Year

My next poker tournament is going to be the WPT Cyprus 4th – 9th August, subject to Olympic commitments. No WSOP for me this year. Get to Cyprus, qualify online at now – there’s loads of Russians there. I’m even considering an offer to commentate in English and Russian on the live stream but as I will be at the final table that could be hard. For details on how to qualify read

Anyway, keep your eye out for the most qualified and passionate men’s basketball team in the world! Gold lays at the end of the rainbow!


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