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Joseph Lipari sent us a fantastic video the other day for our Jungleman WSOP promotion and if you missed it then head on over to the Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates WSOP Main Event Challenge – So Who Would You Pick? and check it out! It’s well worth it! Earlier in the week I managed to catch up with Joe and we talked poker, good deeds and more:

Tell us about yourself Joe:

28 years old from Sewaren, NJ, USA. I started playing poker when I was 20 just messing around didn’t have a clue. I didn’t start taking it serious until about 4-5 years ago. Around that time I rented, borrowed, and bought every poker book I could get my hands on. I’ve read over 60 poker books.

What stakes and games do you normally play when playing online or live? Do you mainly play online poker, live poker, or a mixture of both?

I used to play both online and live. I was a small winner playing the micros online. After Black Friday I exclusively play live. However, it wasn’t until this year starting in January that I decided to keep a detailed log of my live play. I track my sessions using an online client. I play 1/2 nl holdem right now and I am working my way up the stakes practicing strict bankroll management.

I take shots at tournaments once a month because they are too expensive and high variance for my roll. I play 3-4 days a week about 20hrs a week and I study poker using online forums, videos, listening to podcast and reviewing hand histories with friends every single day of the week totaling another 20hrs. I would love to sit down with Dan Cates and pick his brain and learn as much as I can from him.

Ever played in a major event such as a WPT, EPT, or WSOP tournament?

I have played WPT and WSOPC Pre-lims and I satellited into a WSOPC main through a 12 game SNG league with friends. I usually just play the daily tournaments at the casinos because that’s what my roll can handle.

What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of poker?

I’m a musician/songwriter, play baseball, video games especially the final fantasy series. I’ve toured the U.S. and Canada with my bands SilverStarBand and All Night Dynamite over the years and have Cd’s released in the U.S. and Japan.

Do you have a day job or do you play poker professionally? Still in school? Some combination of all of the above?

I have a bachelor’s in psychology and a few state certifications but haven’t done anything with them yet. I’m a grinder. I play poker at the casinos and clubs 3-4days a week and I deliver Chinese food 3 days a week as well as volunteer at the animal shelter twice a week.

I’m a big winner over my sample size but paying bills and emergency expenses along with going out hinder me from really advancing up the stakes at a faster pace. However, I don’t mind the slow steady grind.  You really learn every player type and situation at each stake if you take it slow. Even a min-cash in the main event would double my roll. Going deep in the wsop main event would really change my life!

Who are some of your favorite professional poker players? Which players would you be most scared to see at your table? Any pros you hope to play with?

As much razzing as Phil Hellmuth gets I really enjoy watching him play and take pleasure in seeing him win and lose lol. He’s a good personality for the game. Phil Laak, Tony g, and Scotty Nguyen are also fun to watch. I admire/fear Phil Galfond, Tom Dwan, Ben Lamb,  and Phil Ivey along with the players I already mentioned. Also, big ups to Bart Hanson his podcast have been a huge help to my game.

Anything else?

I’m a passionate, competitive, and dedicated person. I tend to set my sights on something and never take them off. I am grateful for this opportunity and would forever be in Cates’ debt if I made it to the WSOP Main Event! Thanks again for this amazing opportunity.

Many thanks Joe, great chatting good luck with the challenge!

Now go check out ‘Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates WSOP Main Event Challenge – So Who Would You Pick?’ page, watch all the vids, pick which one moved you the most and comment like crazy!


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