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Now I’ll be the first to admit that this here promotion has given me a few sleepless nights and you know the sick thing is I’m not even taking part!

As for the rest of you nervously reading along at home desperately wanting to know when we would announce just who the winner is…well believe me when I say this I’ve been feeling just the same! I’ve been nervously tapping the F5 key on my computer almost into oblivion and damn it I work here! I literally have no fingernails left, a very strange and patchy beard and quite the worn out edge of my seat.

The Circus Comes to Town!

It’s been a struggle you see, as nothing quite goes to plan when you factor in the greatest poker circus the world has ever seen, that’s right the WSOP. Then when you’re trying to get an answer from someone who’s been stuck in a world of cash games in an environment where let’s face it they do leave out the clocks and windows for a reason, well it just makes it all a little more erm ‘challenging’ shall we say?

Drumroll please….

But enough of this I say, the time has come to tell the world who shall go to the ball! It’s time to pull this plaster off once and for all, quick and fast I say! So if you have a drum roll machine start it up now  as I say “Ladies and Gentlemen the winner is………………………………………

Daniel Sauva with his “Good Deed Hugs” video which goes like this:

The Skillz To Pay The Bills

We really loved Dan’s entry right from the start, it was unique, funny and captured something pretty special about this promotion plus it also tugged at our heartstrings a fair bit, however all of that still wasn’t enough to secure his place at the 2012 WSOP Main Event. It needed to get the thumbs up from Jungleman. Which at a very blurry o’clock this morning we’re happy to announce that the much sought after email came into our inbox saying “Hugs Wins…”

Punk’d? Who Us? No We’d Never…

So once again I caught up once again with Sauva and this morning he was a bit speechless to be honest, after breathing heavier than a pregnant woman about to give birth to triplets I got him to calm down a bit, honestly I thought I’d phoned some weird chat line to start with…

“Look if this is a joke, it’s not funny” began Sauva only to discover that infact I wasn’t kidding. He then carried on with “Words cannot possibly describe how incredibly excited, gobsmacked and thankful I am. This is a dream come true. Wait, this is real right? Somebody slap me. Whoop whoop! Vegas baby!”

Fist Pumping Action!

After taking a breather, screaming loudly in my ear and possibly doing numerous fist pump like an extra from Jersey Shore Dan finished off by saying “I want  to give a massive thank you to Jungleman, the guys at PartyPoker and everyone who voted and supported me for making this happen. I am lost for words. See you at the World Series of Poker Main Event. Wow.”

Calling WSOP2012 please add +1 to the list

So there we have it folks, for Daniel Sauva this is just the start of a huge poker adventure, nothing comes bigger in poker than this believe us. In literally less than a week he’ll be jetting off from London courtesy of Jungleman all the way to fabulous Las Vegas ! He’ll be staying at the glamorous Palazzo Hotel and Resort, living the highlife and enjoying all that Vegas has to offer ohhh and on top of all that he’ll be playing in the world’s largest tournament that right Event#61 aka the WSOP2012 Main Event at the Rio and hoping to make some serious poker history!

The Contenders

So if you missed any of the videos before then here’s a playlist of the videos that we’re submitted for Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates WSOP Main Event Challenge:

With over 30 Good Deed videos submitted it was always going to be a tough call for Jungleman I’m sure you’ll agree! You all had the heart and the commitment that was for sure! Just click the playlist title below the film and scroll though to watch all the great good deed moments! To everyone that took part in this promotion many thanks. Was the Free Hugs video your favorite as well?


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