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Who would have ever thought – a $1M buy-in for a poker tournament! But make no mistake, without the charity aspect of this tournament, I seriously doubt it would ever take place.  Guy Laliberté, the founder of the Cirque de Soleil shows, had a vision to make this event happen and knew it would create tremendous publicity for his charity, ONE DROP.

Sure to be a lot of talent at that event

Guy has numerous rich business associates who are playing, that looks to be great ‘value’ for poker pros who are all trying to figure out how to get in – and many are succeeding (but don’t think all these business entries are suckers at the poker table, because they’re not.

Guy himself has made a final table on the WPT and I doubt he’s entered four WPT events.  Others, like Bob Bright, play regularly in the biggest NL game in Vegas and is a winner). Certainly, these extremely successful businessmen are not as good as top pros, but anything can happen in the One Drop tournament.

The Bucket list of Bucket lists!

Trust me, all the buzz at the WSOP is about this event.  Everyone is talking about it, from small players playing satellites to all the big-name players.  As for me, I’m thrilled to be at the starting gate and entering this tournament – it’s very exciting to get to play in the most anticipated poker event in poker history – the $1,000,000 buy-in Big One for ONE DROP at the WSOP on July 1st.  Like all others entered into this tournament (which is supposed to be capped at 48 – and I’m predicting without a doubt, it will be sold out “if” they cap it at 48), I’m very blessed.  This is the ‘bucket list’ of all bucket lists for a poker player.

3’s the magic number!

Obviously, everyone entering this event loves to play poker.  As I see it, there are three ways to get to play in this tournament.

  1. Be extremely well off financially,
  2. Know somebody extremely well off and get staked, or
  3. Have friends and/or investors take shares of you.

For your info, I don’t fall into category 1.  Whoever wins will be the most successful person in history in terms of tournament winnings of all time.  And I’m confident that the media attention for this event (especially mainstream media) will be, by far, the most in history.  Just having an opportunity to go after this title is really special, but like the rest, I’m dreaming about winning it!

Great for charity!

It’s a great plus for poker that so many are willing to participate in an event that raises so much for charity ($111,000 from each entry will be donated to ONE DROP). Everyone, whether they play poker or not and whether they’re in favour of gambling or not, will see the kind of money being raised for charity, take a step back and say, “Wow! These poker people are pretty good folks.

My only question is:

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support.  The only question I have is, “Tony G, where are you?

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