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You’ve got to hand it to the guys over at the WSOP they sure put on one hell of a show. It looks like event #55 better known as the “BIG ONE for ONE DROP ” is going to be one you won’t want to miss.

If you’re unfamiliar with the background to this event well then this is going to be the largest buy-in poker tournament ever, yes ever, that’s right ever. Featuring a jaw dropping $1,000,000 entry fee, it’ll be taking place from the 1st to the 3rd of July at the Rio in Las Vegas and will of course be televised on ESPN.

Full Support from the Poker Community

Right from the get go the organizers have had the full support of the poker community with the likes of Duhamel, ElkY and Negreanu giving support via great videos like these:

Mission Statement

The background to One Drop is to “fight poverty by supporting access to water and raising individual and community awareness of the need to mobilize so that safe water is accessible to all, in sufficient quantity, today and tomorrow” which sounds like a good enough reason for such a high buy in to us.

But just how much?

So how much is going to help One Drop? Well quite a large chunk of change actually: “From each entry fee, $111,111 will be donated to ONE DROP with a goal of raising enough money for a legacy project that will help a country with access to clean water.  The event will be rake-free allowing $888,889 of each entry fee going directly into the prize pool.”

Who’s Up Next?

The line up for those participating is growing by the day and news just in from Seth Palansky of the WSOP lists the latest twelve sign-ups as:

  1. ANONYMOUS (U.S. Hedge Fund Manager)
  2. JOHN MORGAN (CEO, Winmark Corporation)
  3. EUGENE KATCHALOV (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  4. JENS KYLLÖNEN (Finnish Professional Poker Player)
  5. JASON MERCIER (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  6. DAVID PEAT (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  7. VIVEK RAJKUMAR (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  8. ANDREW ROBL (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  9. NICK SCHULMAN (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  10. NOAH SCHWARTZ (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  11. ROGER TESKA (U.S. Professional Poker Player)
  12. SAM TRICKETT (U.K. Professional Poker Player)

TonyG our very own Poker Ambassador

Currently it’s looking like the prize pool will surpass $35,000,000, meaning the winner is up for a a 10-figure payday, nice work if you can get it. The above list is by no means the final lineup with a lot more information to be found over at AllInForOneDrop

One name you might recognize at being one of the Poker Ambassadors is our very own TonyG who mentioned: “ONE DROP is an extremely intelligent, important charity organization and I’m honored to play a part in giving back. This is a perfect partnership for the WSOP and for poker in general.”

All roads lead to

And with even more routes to this great tournament with “Caesars  organizing a comprehensive series of step-satellites to the BIG ONE for ONE DROP with licensed casino partners.  All will lead to a mega satellite with guaranteed entry to the $25,300 Big One Satellite on June 30th at the Rio.” Expect this list to grow a little before next month.

Come June 30th and we’re going to see at least one very happy poker player in Vegas: “The culminating mega satellite on June 30 will award a minimum of one guaranteed entry to the BIG ONE for ONE DROP regardless of the number of participants and will create one seat for every 40 entries. The satellite will run one day, have a $25,300 entry and allow rebuys.  It will include all of the regional qualifiers and also be open to the public.”

Join us in Vegas

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