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By Simon Young

We have now switched to our new table and lobby! You’ll find all the features we described in the previous two posts, and a lot more once you download the update. For new players, download and open an account – there’s a 100%, up to $500 first-time deposit bonus.

To accompany the relaunch, we have revamped our website – – with a vibrant new look that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Look around the new site, where you’ll find detailed descriptions of all our new features.

One of the many areas we have improved is multi-tabling. You’ll find many of our new features will make playing on more than one table at a time so much easier:

* You can now open multiple tables from the lobby by holding down the control key while you select your preferred tables.

* You can now open tables like the one you are already playing on, simply by hitting the Open New button on the table itself.

* We have introduce some great customisable Hot Hands alerts, so that when you are multi-tabling, you can be alerted when you are dealt a huge hand or when, for example, there is some big betting action going on at a particular table. You’ll be able to use preferences to turn these on and off as you see fit.

* Tables can be re-sized (not Omaha yet, though, that is still being developed), and you can select cascading, tiled etc from the tables, so you don’t have to dive back into the lobby.

There are a lot more features – please take a look for yourself. In the meantime, I am here to answer your comments as best as I can!



  1. I have enjoyed playing on this site for a long time.
    Now you have changed everything that was familiar to me. I can’t even login. Thanx for ruining what was a fun and exciting part of my day.
    Cheers, Mike

  2. The new look is nice, but I’ll stick to the old style tables, less cluttering and sound effects. The lobby is interesting but it lacks some features that were available on the old style:
    – Favorites, this new bar is no comparison to the old tree view. Please bring the old one back.
    – It is not possible to see at a glance who is seated at a table. Why not? Why is this removed? Interestingly this is still available from the Java client!
    – The filters don’t work when using the tree view.
    – The gaming history does not automatically show the last 3 days like it did, only the financial history does. It would be great if all transaction histories automagically showed the last 3 or 7 days, whichever applicable.

    The nice improvements are that I can now finally see everything from this lobby, no more switching back and forth between lobby and IE, that’s a good job!

  3. When I click on a table I can’t see the player names listed, or their stack sizes without opening the table/preview.

    To me this was an essential part of table selection, why has it been removed?

    I can’t see myself wanting to play without this feature.

  4. @ Mike: Are you still having problems logging in? It may be that your password has special characters, which will not work. Try getting a new password and see how you get on. Thanks

    @ bilt: Thanks for the feedback. The tech guys are looking at reintroducing the players’ names at tables in the lobby.

    @ Pete: See above response ^^^^^^^. Thanks!

  5. Some good things and some bad things:

    My opinion is that the bad things are bigger than the new features.

    But you will give us the wanted for sure ?!? ;-)

    I have problems to concentrate to the action. The player names, the stacksize and the betsize fonts are too small. That causes that my focus isnt fast enough on the needed informations. First I stopped the coloured action buttons because of this overwhelming table design. Multitabler love onecolored tables and big cardsets and big good readable playernames and I want to see fast which player isn´t in the hand and which has folded. All to small !

    Please let me change the fonts . Thx for your time.

  6. I want to rebuy forever. Please add it to the general options. I dont want to click it every single table that i want to rebuy to 100BB automatically.

    My tableselection with spadeeye isnt working because of the missing table shortview meantioned above ! Very necessary to use good old playerlist per table.

  7. The lobby is way to big, taking over my widescreen display – too much wasted space. I would say its about 25% bigger than need be. Would be nice if it remembered column widths (date and table name are large columns and everything else is tiny)

  8. Ah got it – much better. Now if you can only sort out the column sizing. Would also have been nice if you had implemented when you open a new table it reverts to the size of your last opened table instead of opening full size

  9. Hi, nice “first” step! I like lobby, new extended action panel. But there are things, you should fix:

    1. Disappearing MTT window once i was moved to another table. It opens automatically after about 20 mins.. So something wrong. Generally i had this issue with freerolls. Last 1 was yesterday.

    2. Today had 2 big crashes (first 2 in few months :o)My screen was flooded with messages about lack of resources or smth, but i have 4 Gigs RAM etc. and it is for the first time. Maybe devs missed some memory leaks or smth.

    3. Table design is really overwhelming. Ofc it is good for fishes:)) But for regs it is very bad. I see better option to not make designs by yourself, but making tool or smth for 3rd party developers. For example all info about table components and elements is saved in “ini” file or some sort of cfg. I mean position, size, font styles etc, which could be easily edited. IMO if you provide such possibility, Party will become very attractive to multitablers because of design flexibility.

    4. Still tournament info button doesn’t work correctly. I mean when i press “lobby” on the MTT table in the bottom right, it should open that MTT’s info window with blind structure, players left etc, but it works only sometimes..really annoying.

    5. When in lobby i filter 11$ SNG to show only Speedy, it shows Turbo as well, it is working well. But if i apply the same to 22$ SNGs, it doesn’t show Turbos, which is annoying. Probably you need to add another sort of filter for Turbos, it will be much easier.

    6. For the same reason Quick seat function doesn’t work correctly for 22$ Sngs. For example i’m playing 22$ turbo sng and click on “open table” to quickly find another the same table, but it shows only tables w/ regular speed..

    7. And probably the most anoying thing: disappearing focus when i’m typing a note about player.
    First of all, it would be much more convenient to double click on player icon, so you can fastly type the info. For multitablers it is VERY important, as they have less time to react. But instead i need to right click on icon, go though menu and EVEN THEN cursor isnt in the window… Then i should click in the message box and only then i can type somthing. But EVEN THEN :) if there are some actions on other tables, cursor disappears.. And EVEN THEN i need to click “SAVE”… IMO saving should be done automatically…. Really annoying thing:(

    ok, enough for beginning:) I’d appreciate your comments on these issues. Thx.

  10. Few more things:
    8. Colour marks don’t work correctly, as sometimes these are not shown. Once i enter the note section of that player, it is marked, but near his avatar it isn’t shown.
    9. Test once more feature which triggers alarm on minimum hand’s rank, coz it doesn’t work every time. For example it reacts to AsKs, but doeasn’t react to AcKc, when in preferences i choose minimal hand rank AQ suited.
    10. When i switch between notes and chat tab on the table’s panel, it refreshes chat window on all tables, it slows down pc very much.

    Hope it will help to improve PP software. GL!:)

  11. Not quite the overhaul I was expecting. To be honest I was hoping for something a little more like animated avatars as featured on another site which I probably can’t mention without getting a slap. Still, there you go.

    Would be nice if the column width in the lobby could be locked and saved as a user preference. It’s a pain having to keep resizing each time.

    Also I can’t show only registering and announced any more. I preferred having the option to get rid of running and completed from the lobby. Can we have it back please?

    I still think I prefer the old style table, but find myself using the new one purely for the fact that it shows folded cards, which is useful for kicking yourself afterwards! Any chance of introducing that to old style tables.

    Finally, PLEASE can we have a re-size option for Omaha.

    Rant over!

  12. Great great job!!!
    The old Party software really sucked!
    I guess I will be depositing again on Party, this new one looks in line with all the actual industry standards not the ones from 5 years ago.
    The look and feel are great, very responsive, very customizable, all the features are there.
    The only thing missing would be a graphical hand history (the IPoker style), but maybe it will come..
    Great job again!!

  13. I must admit I prefer the old table style (who said habits are hard to loose). Prefer the sounds and the view overall.

    I like the new lobby. All in one is much better than before.

    Many it would be good as I imprement to see a tick symbol on the tournament table we are registered to.


  14. Well its new,but i think i’ll get used to it, but i am loving the surprise tournaments…just want more of them!

  15. Mr Punch, is it poss to look at which players are playing on the tables without having to open them up first??

  16. @ Adi: Glad you approve!

    @ Amatay: Our programmers are working right now to fix it. Should be back working very soon.

    @ Simon: Resizable Omaha tables are on the way!

    @ Overbe777: Good feedback, thanks. Will distribute for you.

  17. The old table felt like you were playing against real people. The new table feels like you’re playing against a computer. You need to allow the old table for us .net users. It was the only thing that kept me from going to other sites.

  18. Thanks for the update of this morning, I can now see the seated players again, that was really missed in the lobby.

    But there still is the issue where my filters are not saved. In cash game tab the filter on stakes/blinds always starts with “ALL”.

    And one final request for the next update: Please bring the tree view back for my favorites!

  19. FIX THE OMAHA TILING, can u imagine how stressfull it is to play 8 omahatables where only one of the tables are in view xD other its great.

  20. Ever since the update I cannot login. I get a script error and everything blocks.

    I even tried to uninstall and downloaded again but the problem persists. It’s been more than a week and it looks like it’s the end of the line for me.

  21. @ emil: It is being looked at

    @ PclGrego: If your password has special characters, this may be the problem. Get a new password and it should be fine.

  22. PclGrego

    Have the same problem

    Get a message from Explora saying… cant open site, I just delete it, then I get the script error and I just delete that as well and then I get on site.

  23. I really dont like the new table. I hate these icons that every player has, it doesnt look like ur playing against other people.

    I want the old table with the poeple sitting on the table back.