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By Simon Young

When I posted up a sneak preview of PartyPoker’s new table, due for launch this week, it whooshed around the internet and generated a fantastic buzz. Forums, blogs, strategy and news sites – everyone had a view and the feedback (such as your comments on this blog) was generally very positive. Thank you for your input.

There is a lot more to come from PartyPoker, and a major focus of our new look will be in the lobby. In fact, we’ve totally revamped the lobby to make it easier to navigate and personalize – plus, we’re introducing some neat new features that we think will greatly enhance your online poker experience.

The Browse view of the new PartyPoker lobby

Here are just some of goodies you can expect:

* The new Quick Seat feature allows you to set up and store your preferences so you’ll be able to sit at your preferred game in seconds.
* With our exclusive table preview, you’ll be able to look at any table in real time within the lobby – meaning you can test the waters before diving in!
* We’ve now integrated all your account/cashier/promotion and bonus information into the lobby.
* You can now resize the lobby, and there are two viewing styles available to you – List and Browse – each with loads of preferences so you’ll have as much or as little detail as you want.
* There will now be time zone support in the lobby.

There are also some more features to tell you about on the new table as well. Hot Hands will be a great tool for those who like to multi table, giving you an alert if something important (like being dealt aces) has happened on one of your tables. You’ll be able to customise this feature to work just the way you want it to.

Also, you’ll be able to open up similar tables to the one you are currently playing on. Say, for example, you are playing a no limit 25c/50c full ring game – simply click on the Open New button on the table, and another 25c/50c table with available seating will open up!

Plus, we’re introducing keyboard shortcuts so you’ll have the option to use these when it’s your turn to act.

———————————————-’s $300K Guaranteed Sunday produced another big-money payday over the weekend, with player keanef finishing top of the pile and adding $60,000 to his bankroll.

Our champ topped a field of 1,425 players to claim the winner’s cheque in eight hours and three minutes.

This week’s top 10 payouts were:
1 keanef, $60,000
2 sca11ywag, $33,000
3 viish, $20,700
4 cpeagee, $16,350
5 Leao63, $13,800
6 DINAMO_K73, $10,350
7 lolk12, $7,950
8 tatuetata3, $5,250
9 DrGeniusus, $4,050
10 jonbam, $2,850

Make sure you’ve got a seat at our highlight of the week next Sunday. $300K Guaranteed Sunday qualifiers start from as little as $3, or you can buy in direct for $215. Read the $300K Guaranteed Sunday page for more details.

Also congratulations to geocatloe, ringle, Mr_Pink78 and Pudge_714 for winning packages to play in the stunning WPT Fallsview event in Canada. They join 11 other lucky qualifiers. Keep an eye on our PartyPoker news and promotions pages for news of other big events.



  1. The lobby looks great but what if i have 2 people that play Party Poker on this PC and one wants the old style and one wants the new style will that be a problem

  2. Hey,

    Will all of these table features be existent on the play money tables as well? Also will we have the choice to keep the old lobby as well? Like the new looks btw!

  3. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

    @ peter: The product team are looking at HU cash games but these will not be in this week’s release. The time bank feature is still being debated.

    @ AAO: A preferred seat option will be available and, yyues, the tables will be resizable.

    @ Brett: Glad you like the new lobby. The new lobby will be sdxavailable for play money games.

  4. another thought;
    have you ever thought about making bigger play money tables? I know must of these updates are meant for real money players but i think a play money table with larger blinds and bigger buyins would be cool.
    Thanks again!

  5. Hello, I like the new layout. I do have a question tho. I have 2 roommates here in the house that play here on Party Poker. All three of us have our own accounts. Will are user names (nicks) Still be allowed on the same computer ? Or will we have to share one account ? Anyhow everything else seems good. Would like for a reply. Thank You, RMK

  6. @ Brett: This is something I can pass on to the dev team for you.

    @ Real Money King: This should not have changed because of the new design

  7. After a day i’m getting used to the new layout and like it, but like Brett i strongly agree there needs to be larger tables available. Never really took much notice at the lower limit tables, but whats the point of 5c/10c and 10c/25c blinds on play money tables, maybe they could be replaced with a higher limit rather than just adding more. Just a thought. Actually it would be cool if we could create our own custom tables.

  8. Hello all,

    Following all your excellent and valuable feedback since the relaunch, we have very quickly put together a release that went out a little earlier.

    The main change is that you can now see who is seated at a table, plus their stack, in list form in the lobby. Just uncheck the ‘Hide seated players info’ box at the top of the lobby and all the info is supplied. This list refreshes each time you click on a new table in the lobby.


    * We have identified and worked on a number of crash scenarios that made some people’s game unstable.
    * There was an issue with the hand histories, where terms like all-in, for example. were capitalized by mistake. This has now been changed back to the previous version.
    * The overlay screen after login should now disappear as normal for all players instead of getting stuck.
    * We believe that in this quick turnaround we have solved the problem that some players had when their action buttons disappeared. All should now be fine, but if you experience a problem, please let me know here or on PM.

    Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your feedback and hope you have a great and profitable weekend.

    Simon Young

  9. Just wanted to say congratulations and very well done with the new look. I personally think you have moved into the top 3 when it comes to look and feel on online Poker sites!

    I agree with the other comments; you really need Heads Up Tables and a time bank feature.

    Furthermore I would like to request more than just 2 6max PLO tables pr. limit. I never understood this limit for opening new tables? Is it to make people play higher than they want? Makes no sense to me, hope that you are getting it fixed soon!