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By Simon Young

You may have heard the rumours swirling around cyberspace that is about to launch a ground-breaking new table, complete with stunning features. Now we can reveal what all the fuss is about, and we think you’ll be impressed.

We proudly present, seen for the first time, PartyPoker’s new online poker table…

The slick design is a huge improvement on our previous table, which despite serving us and our players so well over the years, has become a little, well, dated. Players who can’t bear to part with the old design will still have an option to continue with it if they wish.

But everyone else will love to play on the slickest, most eye-catching and ergonomically-pleasing table available anywhere.

The new look is part of a major overhaul of, which is due to go live next week. There are loads of changes and new features, but for now we’re only going to show you the table itself. You’ll have to check back here for more revelations over the next few days.

So what’s new? Here’s just some of the great improvements:

* Fine new design that makes playing easier and more user-friendly

* Now you can select your own player photo – either an image from our new, extensive library, or you can upload your own photograph

* All your action buttons are in a more logical position, and they are easier to use

* The bet slider is simpler and more responsive

* You’ve now got access to pre-set bet buttons: Min, 1/2 Pot, 3/4 Pot, Pot and Max (all-in).

* There’s an improved note-taking facility

* The chat area will be easier to read and manage

And that’s just the start – enough, if you like, to whet your appetite. More will be revealed over the coming days.

If you already play on, you’re in for a treat. If not, download our free online poker software now and get ready for the best poker experience on the planet.



  1. I really like that table, its clean.

    So when does it go live and do we get a guaranteed million tournament to launch it?

  2. The cards are fugly, the avatars are obstructive, and the table-graphics look like something from Windows 95

    Is that the best you could do after 7 years?

  3. @ stringbean: Live next week (watch this space). Big tournament? Hmm, you’ll have to wait and see :-)

    @ Bob: Thanks for the comments, sorry you don’t like it. Remember if it doesn’t grow on you, you still have the option to use the current table!

    @Jay: No beta version – you’ll have to wait for the launch day next week!

    Simon Young

  4. If you have the option to use the old skin, which is what most players’ will probably prefer. Is it going to be exactly like the old skins, same software etc

  5. wow this is great can’t wait to give it a try, actually the client is one reason i did prefer other rooms.
    but this looks very clean…

  6. @ Josh: Old stays the same. Not sure I agree that most players will still want to use it – but, of course, we want to provide for those who do.

    @ marco: Yes! I turned the nut straight AND had a royal flush draw, but the river blanked. He had J-J for flopped set. Sadly it was for play money only!

    @ ernesto: Glad you approve. You’ll love it once it goes live.

    Simon Young

  7. -@ marco: Yes! I turned the nut straight AND had a royal flush draw, but the river blanked. He had J-J for flopped set. Sadly it was for play money only!

    lol SuperUser Account Obv

    The table looks good, especially the betting buttons – any thought given to a Request Time button? It is sorely need.


  8. Dont you get it? The people leave because theres no rb or great bonuses like at the other sites.
    The old software is perfect and the reason why im still playing here

  9. The min and max buttons should be replaced by 1/3 and 2/3 buttons. Multitabling should have been made easier by not popping up a table before one has acted on the current table where it’s still one’s turn to act. So, the only significant improvement I see so far is the notes function.

  10. @ Paul: Sorry, I can’t speak on behalf of the dev and tech guys, but I know that is something that they are aware of and has/is being debated.

    @ k.kuukka: This is just my opinion, but sometimes there is more to a poker room than rakeback or bonuses – specifically, the ability for you to win more money!

    @ TableCop: There are more unique features that we have not revealed yet ;-)


    Simon Young

  11. I know after all these year, it will be nice to have some new look, but if this is the best you can do, is to replace some picture of the people sitting at table with some such Obstruction Avartar on the table. This will be really Sux…Who the hell want to play with some avartar especially if some one who get there dirty picture on it.. I think it will be nice if players can have a choice to put different personel picture in the seat instead of some avartar

  12. so will this be for everyone even play money players?
    Look a lot like another site I didnt like……….but will give it a try.

  13. @ Tommy Scary Name – I hope I have understood you (or you might come and “sort me out”: Yes, players will be able to put whatever picture they like as their avatar!

    @ ernesto: Hi there – yes, there will be a feature to show your folded cards.

    @ Jan: Yes, everyone can play on this table, from play money beginners, to the very biggest players! I hope you become one of the latter!

  14. I agree 100% that poker room is more than rb and bonuses.
    (thats why im playing here)
    unfortunately most people dont and they go away with better benefits. Thats why networks like ongeme takes tons of players every day, even thought the “ogs” softwares are crappy as h***.

    party software is CLEAR and simple, i hate when there is too much useless buttons and other sh**.
    dont ruin it!

    I thought i finaly got great 100% reload bonus up to 1000$. after i made it i realised it would take 50 days and 2.2h playing every day to make it.

    that was just an example.

  15. When I don´t act on cash games, the software automatically folds my hand. Will they change/fix that? That´s really anoying for everybody and I lost a lot of pot multi-tabling due that.

  16. Nice table.

    So will this table be loading from the party poker software or will this be available from the web version.

    Also, as you know, most of them use the macros on the current version of party poker, will 3rd party softwares, still be used or you have put a stop on using the macros.


  17. I was wondering are you gonna look at pictures people upload and aprove them before they can be viewed on the tables.Some people do dirty pictures which is offensive to other players.

  18. @ Cindy: Yes, all uploaded images will be reviewed before they make it on to the table.

    @ Poker Genius (nice name!): Our poker room staff made great efforts to contact the owners of third party apps to give them plenty of notice about the changes. Some may not have replied, so I can not guarantee all third party software will work. However, remember you can use the original table until the apps catch up.

    @ Mothafoxx: There is a healthy debate going on about this issue, with good arguments on both sides. That debate is still ongoing, so no news yet. If you like multi-tabling we’ll have some good news soon!

    @ k.kuukka: Apologies if you were unhappy with that bonus offer. I know the team are always trying to strike the right balance for you guys, so please bear with them as lessons are being learnt. The software will remain clear and simple.

    As for the debate about rakeback etc, well the fact that you appreciate that playing on Party has more material benefits says it all ;-)

    People love to win on PartyPoker!

    Keep the comments coming, folks. I’ll try and address as many issues/questions as I can.

    Simon Young

  19. Why you not give us all informations about the new features in one clear post ?

    A lot of wrong thinkings and discussions could be stopped.

    I wish a one button table sizing for playing on 2 displays. I want for example 4 tables left and 4 right in best position and size with one click.

    I also wish a check whne timeout instead of a fold.

  20. Hey Simon,

    I have to say I am very impressed by the new layout.

    I left party poker for ladbrokes because there was no rakeback available and also because the software was just too outdated.

    I asked party to permanently close my account, which they did, so now I don’t have access to play.

    However, with this new upgrade, I want to test it out and play with party poker.

    Can I set up a new username and account. Will I qualify for a deposit bonus?

    Thanks Simon,

    Joshua John

  21. Are HU tables with BU = SB implemented?
    And will there be an option to use smaller Player”boxes”/Avatars or turn avatars off??

  22. @ nox: The button position when playing heads up is being looked at by the dev guys, and our poker room has said elsewhere that this may be fixed by November (it’s more technically challenging than you might imagine). There will soon be themes, one of which will be a minimal version where avatars are effectively turned off.

    @ Joshua John: Glad you like the look of the new table, and that you’d like to come back and give it a try. As for your account queries, could you direct them to so that customer services can address them. Thanks

    @ Dante: There’s only so much good news you can take in on a single day :-) … and anticipation is a wonderful thing! I think I addressed the check/fold issue in an earlier response.

  23. Obscenities have become more and more a way of life in free play, including rude and obnoxious nics. This is driving away many long time players. In conjunction with the new version, will there be a better way of reporting such violations so that action will be taken by pp? Today you seem to do nothing to these reports from free players.

  24. Sound to be a seriously nice update, and the new table might get me away from using a selfmade black-table.
    However, if I don’t like the table colours and the cards, will I be able to change it as I am now?

    Regarding RB, I seriously don’t get why so few people understands that RB is nothing worth compared to new players, better software (I honestly think that PP is in the top 3 with softwar), safe and fast transactions, and not to forget a reliable company name.

  25. Comment by k.kuukka:

    Dont you get it? The people leave because theres no rb or great bonuses like at the other sites.
    The old software is perfect and the reason why im still playing here
    September 20, 2008 @ 9:18 am

    @ k.kuukka: This is just my opinion, but sometimes there is more to a poker room than rakeback or bonuses – specifically, the ability for you to win more money!

    This is exactly the reason why party will never get regulars that multi table back to their site. Party is too greedy when it comes to rake. I will keep me and my 16 tabling ass at pokerstars (im canadian so I can play on your site) where they actually reward me for my massive play as a supernova.

  26. @ John F: We encourage players to report anyone using abusive language and will take appropriate action.

    @ Kent: This new update is only the beginning. We want to roll out improvements, and coming soon will be the ability to change the look and feel of the table/cards for yourself. In the meantime, you can keep using your modded version of the old table without a problem.

    And I agree with your view of rakeback.

    @ John: Thanks for your comments. This release is just the first of many changes, and all I can ask is that you keep an eye on our developments as you may be tempted to try us out.

  27. IF party could get a VIP program like Stars has (maybe you guys should crunch some numbers based on stars VIP program and work out your own) your site would get a TON of players back. You are getting 0 rake from me as of now. If you offered 30% rakeback you would still be making 70% rake off me. Right now PS is earning all that rake. As I stated before I 16 table. how many 10’s of thousands of dollars are you missing from me alone? Nevermind the other massive multi tablers.

  28. I welcome the improved note taking and betting controls, but the rest of the table looks annoying.

    The avatars and cards are too big and obtrusive. Did you say there will be a feature to turn the avatars off?

    I like the Party software because it is quick. Will the speed of play be affected by this new table?

    Will the new table increase the demands on my computer’s processing power?

    Will the lobby be improved? Will you include more table stats, such as % players/flop.


  29. I am the first Bob that commented above…

    To be fair the cards don’t look so bad when you actually use them.. the ordinary ranks are very nice to look at it’s just the paint cards that don’t fit.

    It didn’t help that the first screenshot only showed KQJ etc.

    Also it looks much cleaner when you turn off the avatars

    The main issue I found so far is that the graphics don’t scale well. The chips and icons become blocky if you make the table bigger or smaller. You could fix this with SVG easily.

    The controls are better and I am glad that keyboard shortcuts are back, although it was simpler with just f1-f3 than crtl-left etc. Good to see you cater to multitablers too although I haven’t tried it yet.

    Best feature: pssst when you get KK loooooooooool

  30. @ John: I’m sure you’ll be getting some interesting VIP programme news soon ;-)

    @ Tuddy: in the lobby options you can pre-select your favoutite table position. Also, once sat at a table, you can click on another seat to “sit there”.

    @ Pete: We are working on new themes for the table, which will include a minimal (no avatar) theme. And the lobby has been rebuilt completely! There should be no extra demands on your CPU.

    @ xxbigpekxx: Yes, there’s an option to use the old table in the preferences section of the lobby.

    @ Bob: Glad you like a lot of the new offerings. Any glitches will be worked on as we go along. We think we have taken an important first step, but we realise it’s a long road!

  31. @ JustMe: Your question has been answered elsewhere – it is something I can ask the product team to look at for you.

    @ x_jonte_x: Yes – as you’ve just found out! (In lobby, under preferences, then themes!). This is for .com players only. .net players can only use the new table.

  32. Simon I thank you for the time you have put in to answer questions. Seems that Partybill is also answering questions. Its about time people from party are actually talking to us.

    The new software is full of bugs. Did you guys beta test this software at all?

  33. I don’t like the fact that you have to play with real money in order to use your own uploaded pictures.
    Will we ever be able to upload our own pictures onto the play chip tables, if so, when? All the other poker sites you can

  34. I had not read anything about this major update, so it was quite a surprise to see the new software yesterday after the update was pushed to my computer.
    It definitely needs some getting used to, but there are already so many things that I wanted that I can only be very happy at the moment:
    * able to turn off auto-focus and auto-popup of tables needing action.
    * visual indication of your time running out on a table.
    * be able to select and even pre-fix your position at the table, allowing you to always sit at the same place.
    * player images
    * less obtrusive sounds
    * etc…

    One thing that still could be better though, is to see who is still left to act.
    * From the above screenshot, it looks very clear, with the images darkened out. But when I played, I didn’t have this feeling at all and had to look carefully to see who still had the 2 cards left, so maybe the actual implementation has less contrast. Also graying out the image alone is not sufficient since some people may have a dark image to start with. Why not darken that part of the table (similar to how the current player is now ‘highlighted’). I guess I will experiment with brighter card colors for now (hope that I can set this globally rather than having to repeat it on each table which was the case in the old software).
    * It would also help to have a better view of your own tables to still act on. Why not darken an entire table where you are no longer in the hand ? Or at least apply the trick with you running out of time, where the entire frame of the window turns orange, then red: you could make it turn grey once you fold your cards.

  35. The new table will get some getting used to, and though it is hardly ground-breaking in my book, it’s fine and has some good new features like big-hand alert, sit-me-here and keyboard shortcut play.

    My biggest problem is with the lobby. I didn’t like the old one and dislike the new one even more.

    I cannot add multi table SNG’s and tourneys to my favourites. Switching tabs erases my filters. I can not get an overview of all free/low stake tourneys together in one list (no multi-select on game name and format filter). I cannot filter out Turbo SNG games since they show up under ‘Standard'(!!). I cannot get rid of the partypoker ads, popups and welcome/goodby sreens. The lobby doesn’t remember my latest position, with the left menu folded. I cannot disable the ‘Mail the hands’ alert after finishing a SNG unless I have them mailed. The list goes on…

    On the plus side: i like the fact that the lobby is bigger and I’m glad it doesn’t open Internet Explorer anymore (i don’t like that browser and use firefox).

    Some features that i think should be present in a ‘ground-breaking’ interface are:
    – View current global standings in a tourney at play
    – An option to view some (selected) tourney stats at the table, like nr. of players left, my current potition, next payed position etc so I don’t have to keep the tourney lobby open.
    – A lobby that remembers my view-mode.

    I’m seriously thinking of changing to another poker room.

  36. Henry Luburgh on

    Hi everyone, i am not very computer literate, my daughter has set me up w/ a new computer del inspiron 530s w/ a flat widescreen monitor…. for some reason, the party poker screen only comes up about 1/3 of the size of my screen, i can not get it to go full screen as i had before on my old one… can anyone please help me and advise me what to do? thanks soooooo much for any help you may be able to give

  37. you should bring party shop and old items back with this update. almost every poker rooms has shop items nowdays and i loved old ones