The wait for the WPT World Online Championships is almost over with the first of 12 massive Championship Events shuffling up and dealing on July 18. partypoker players will have won at least $100 million between them by the time the curtain comes down on the festival on September 17.

While the $100 million worth of guarantees is exceptional, the WPTWOC isn’t only about the money. It would have been easy to double the size of the guaranteed prize pools by making our events unlimited re-entry or having a couple of dozen flights to our Main Event. But why would we turn prestigious events like the WPTWOC into competitions where only the richest players prosper?

Everyone and anyone can win at partypoker and we’ stayed true to our mission statement of making poker fun and fair again when WPT and ourselves devised the festival’s schedule.

Limited Re-Entry and Late Registration

Let’s start with our re-entry policy for the WPTWOC. We’re permitting only one re-entry in each of our No-Limit Hold’em events, making it a much more level playing field and a purer experience for everyone. We want the WPTWOC tournaments to replicate what you’d experience in a live setting so there won’t be the elite grinders with deep pockets firing six bullets in an attempt to buy a title. Not on our watch.

You’ll need to bust quite quickly if you want to take advantage of the single re-entry policy because the late registration period of the WPTWOC events will be limited. You don’t have to worry about grinding for three or four hours only to see a flurry of opponent buy in at the last minute.

For example, the WPT Opener events on July 18 have late registration open until the end of the ninth level. This is 135-mins in the $1,050 edition and 108-minutes in the $109 and $11 versions. Buying in at the ninth level sees the blinds 1,000/2,000/250a, meaning you’ll sit down with 50 big blinds. Now that’s quality.

Real Names Throughout For an Authentic Poker Experience

Players who have competed in our flagship tournaments are already used to having real names displayed at the tables. The WPTWOC will be an authentic festival with everyone’s real names on show throughout. You won’t have to worry about having to wait until the final table to discover the true identity “JoeBloggs123”. You’ll see everyone’s real name, regardless of whether they’re a global superstar or someone who is just starting out in poker. You’re playing poker for big money, you have the right to know who’s trying to steal your blinds!

Keeping with creating an authentic poker festival feel, partypoker has come up with a schedule that remains true to the WPT’s heritage. WPT has brought poker to so many of us over the years and we’re proud to be partners in this massive festival. We didn’t want to take advantage of the WPT brand by having hundreds of events bearing its name. That’s why we have only 12 Championship events planned. Each WPTWOC event is prestigious, has only two starting flights and winning one will put you into an exclusive club of champions; there’s won’t be dozens of others who have managed the same feat, winning will feel special.

Fame and Glory Is Possible For Everyone

Lastly, partypoker and WPT have gone out our way to ensure the WPTWOC is not only accessible to all but it value for money. The rake throughout the Championship events will always be between 3-7%, which means more money in your bankroll. Our cashback programme, which gives you up to 40% cashback every week, reduces the rake further. Even with this reduced rake we’re still putting up $100,000 in our Player of the Championship and Rising Star Leaderboards!

Each and every one of the 12 Championship Events have a trio of buy-in levels so every partypoker player has the chance of WPTWOC glory. These events have a limited number of flights, usually only Day 1A and 1B making the WPTWOC more affordable as you can’t enter 20 different flights!

Even if the buy-ins of the Micro editions are too large for your bankroll, there are satellites galore and Tournament Dollar satellites running around the clock giving you the chance to turn a small investment into WPTWOC glory.

Quality over quantity is the name of the game during the WPTWOC, it’s a poker festival how it should be: fair, fun, accessible, and pure. We’ll hopefully see you at a final table.

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