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Pippa Flanders has won the Women’s World Open IV in London, beating Helen Firth heads-up to pocket the $30,000 winner’s cheque and the bracelet.

Here’s Matchroom presenter and PartyPoker player Tatjana Pasalic’s story from the tables:

Waking up was nice today! Just when I thought I couldn’t get it better – playing the Women’s World Open, presenting, working amongst biggest professionals in the industry, I found myself under the camera light thinking – OH DEAR, what is happening!

I was not putting my hopes up in this tournament – playing against some of the finest poker gals in the world with my tiny big tournament experience was scary. Knowing that people can see my hands and they are commented on by Annette and Jesse – even scarier.

Sprinkle it with playing a deep stack 30 min blinds tourney for the first time and you got me at the table yesterday afternoon. Before I knew it, my heat was three handed and I had to decide what to do.

Mid stack, two experienced ladies next to me and facing the bubble. I layed down AJ suited against Pippa when she mini raised me with 63 off. I would do it again if I was in the same position, I played this ‘my way’, like Frankie would say – following my gut. And the tummy feeling said: ‘Chill and wait’ It totally paid off – MY FIRST FINAL TABLE EVER.

I wouldn’t be Tasha if I didn’t do it with sparkles – last night I had many firsts – first final, first TV table, first female tournament…I tried to relax at the table but the pressure was so high, I made some rookie mistakes but I learned a lot from them and luckily they didn’t cost me much. The situations at the table were crazy and I should have been more aggressive in order to get more out of the pots but I am satisfied.

I was very surprised when I turned my phone on after busting in 6th place and getting £3,000 ( thanks PartyPoker for staking me:)) – I received tons of messages from the people that were railing – the PokerNews boys from Netherlands, my family back in Edinburgh, many Twitter fans and peepz from my forum… it was so nice to sit down and think for a second: ‘Wow, I am not alone in this, look at all this support!’

Made me realize about poker – it might be a competitive industry but friendships you make through these situations are priceless.

So, once again, a huge thanks to everyone that supported me and massive thanks to Kara – for being a true friend and the most professional person I have ever had the chance to work with.

Oh, and as we say it, Zucker kommt zu letzt – Matchroom and Party crew. As a new presenter and a scared girl that has never been on ‘real’  TV, they believed that I can do it and helped me so much last two days. Thanks!

Now, since I am a huge nerd after all, I will take my cash and get a new laptop, so I can bug you all with tons of new posts and get with the program by playing TONS. Gotsta keep my 100% cash in all the tournaments I played rank.

Tatjana over and out!

Full Results from the PartyPoker Women’s World Open IV

  • 1st Pippa Flanders $30,000
  • 2nd Helen Firth $15,000
  • 3rd Caroline Cove $10,000
  • 4th Eliza Burnett $8,000
  • 5th Claire Renaut $6,000
  • 6th Tatjana Pasalic $3,000