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Dragan GalicShortly after the dilettantish robbery, it was clear that they will be caught soon…and as I am writing these sentences all four thieves have been imprisoned.

Because of their stupid and dangerous action I was happy that I left the scene a few hours before.

I believe this will lead to longer check-ins and more complicated deposit methods in future, in order to prevent such things happening again. We will see…

Decision from tournament director

After Berlin, I also had no luck at the Spring Poker Festival (in Vienna) and had to accept a correct (but hard) decision from tournament director Thomas Kremser… What happened ?

Middle position raises, I call from big blind with K J, flop comes down K J T. My check was followed by a continuation bet… I just called, Turn J and I checked again. He bet 2000 and when raised him on 5000 I had my little Spring Festival disaster… he stands up, says O.K. and takes all his chips.

He got stuck and sat down

While he moves with them towards the middle he loses one chip… I waited until he picked it up with the other hand and when he put it in the hand with the other chips I was happy to call and pushed my chips to the middle…that was the moment where he got stuck and sat down without leaving his chips out of his hand…

The dealer made his decision and got confirmed by the tournament director, that as long as the player only says OK and still has his hands at the chips, that this not an All-In!

It was not even a call from his side and I missed 20k in chips for later stages…

Dear friends and fans, I´ll keep you updated from the best poker spots all over the world & until then, I wish you good luck.


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