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Slovenian champ PartypokerEarlier this year we hosted PokerPro Slovenian Heads-Up championship on PartyPoker tables. The winner was awarded a package to the WPT Bucharest.

WPT Bucharest is being played this week so we spoke with kartografija, the winner of Slovenian Heads-Up, about the tournament and the trip to Bucharest.

Tell me how the tournament went, what were the key moments?

The tournament went pretty smoothly for me. I didn`t have to make any big decisions. I was trying to play small pots, open a lot from the button and that was the key strategy.

I was a bit lucky against one player. I flopped a Q on my AQ against opponents 77.

Against one I was only on 590 chips but he didn’t use his big stack against me and after more then an hour I managed to get through him.

Tell me more about your PartyPoker story.

I started playing Partypoker 4 years ago. I love the tournaments on Party poker, because the field is big, but not too big.

Did you ever play in any of the big offline tournaments? If yes, please do tell more about your experience.

I played in two EMOP (European masters of poker) with buy in 1100 euro. I cashed in one I was 23th. I love to play this kind of tournaments, because of the long levels and deep stacks.

This is my biggest tournament yet and I am looking forward to it.

What are your goals for WPT Bucharest?

My main goal in Bukarest is to get in the money. After that only 1st place counts. I didn’t have any special preparations, my goal is to get some new experience and to have a good time.

Any poker celebrities you would love to meet and play against on the same table?

It is a huge honour to play with any pro, because I know how good you have to be, to make a living out of playing poker.


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