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I wasn’t able to attend the WPT Bucharest, sponsored by, but I heard about the incident in the tournament room today and wanted to put in my two cents worth.

Romanian football agent Giovani Becali completely lost it in the tournament room and threw his chips in the air and they hit the ceiling. He also tried to punch the Tournament Director.

I am not being righteous as I know that in my past I have been no angel but this behaviour is disgraceful and there is no place for it on the World Poker Tour or in any poker room. It is a disgrace.

This guy needs to be banned

Fair enough, I lost it with Ralph Perry that time and sent him back to Russia but quite simply he played King Jack all wrong. Did you see me throw chips or try and punch a Tournament Director? This guy needs to be banned.

Though this behaviour is completely disgraceful one thing about it made me chuckle. Why did Giovani Becali go so mental? BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD HOGGED ALL THE TIME WITH THE MASSEUSE!!!

I really cannot believe that the fact one person monopolising a masseuse can make someone flip their lid so badly. I have a couple of suggestions to make:

  1. WPT or event organizers at the Regent Casino. Provide more than one masseuse!
  2. Giovani Becali – I would lend you my personal concierge Jesse – she gives an amazing rub down. That said I watched this clip where you spat in the face of a sports tv presenter so I wouldn’t let someone so special anywhere near you.

Who am I railing for the tournament? Go Count Dracula Carlos Mortensen!



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  3. what a pig! ban him for sure.
    If he doesnt get banned there is seriously something wrong. i think its been said already but there is no excuse for his actions. Just watchd him spit of that poor bloke…made me write his as its obvious its not out of character…BAN PLZ

  4. after his actions from the second video he was banned from ever participating to any tv show of any channel of that network , so probably he will get banned from ever participating again in the WPT and at Regent casino events .

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