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Yesterday, partypoker introduced a number of improvements to its online Windows download poker client as  part of the site’s latest desktop software update.

The release provides greater options for players around table appearance and functionality, and brings various gameplay enhancements.

Key new table features include:

  • Improved, larger table design
  • Customisable table felts and backgrounds
  • Modernised player plates including digital countdown timer
  • Increased hole card sizes
  • Enhanced Player Note functionality
  • Restyled Bet Slider that now incorporates the timebank

partypoker software

Other key enhancements for both PC and Mac include:

  • ‘Mix-Max’ poker, set to make its debut during POWERFEST
  • Showdown on checkdown (when a hand is ‘checked around’ on the river)
  • Ability to register for up to 12 ‘Sit & Go Jackpot’ games
  • MTT custom buy-in range (allowing players to filter MTTs by buy-in)

Software update introduces a raft of enhancements

new partypoker software

Among other modifications, partypoker has refined its existing ‘Oval’ and ‘Racetrack’ table views, while also allowing players to custom-design their own table felts and floors for specific game types.

Wider cosmetic changes see bigger hole cards alongside larger player nicknames and chip balances thanks to a player plate redesign, while the ‘Player Notes’ function has been optimised to allow colour customisation.

From a gameplay perspective, a re-styled ‘Bet Slider’ means greater room for entering larger bet sizes, and a repositioning of the Time Bank to a more relevant location.

partypoker software update

Separately, players will notice a change in each new game deal, with cards now fanned out to players simultaneously rather than in sequence, owing to a new animation feature.

These changes form the second phase of partypoker’s poker table project for the desktop client, with Mac updates and further software developments earmarked for the coming weeks.

Head of Product at partypoker, Ross McQuater said: “This latest software update reflects our ongoing drive to improve our core poker product. We hope players love the new table designs and enjoy a smoother, more optimised playing experience thanks to various technical improvements. Look out for more exciting software enhancements over the coming weeks and months.”

partypoker software

Display Your Stack in Big Blinds

Players can now toggle between displaying their chip stack and the number of big blinds they have – simply left click on the chip stack to make this change! This change will only apply to the table where the adjustment has been made. Also, the option to apply the changes across all tables has now been added into Table Options. Players can choose to apply the changes to different formats of poker, or across all tables.

partypoker Ambassador, Patrick Leonard loves the new feature: “It’s much more important for tournament players in particular to understand how many big blinds they have, and being able to toggle with a single button click means players don’t have to try and calculate how many big blinds they have left. Anything that makes the game simpler to play, is a positive development.”

An upcoming update will allow you to display your and your opponents’ bets in big blinds instead of traditional bet amounts, too.

Continual improvement

This latest software update complements the improvements and changes we are making to our Power Series tournaments. We have reduced late registration, optimised the structures of our tournaments to ensure they finish earlier without compromising the quality of the tournament, made all PKO events freezeouts and much more besides, all following feedback from you.

These changes are ongoing and will enhance the playing experience for everyone.

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