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Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard gives his thoughts on the brand-new partypoker software.

Wednesday 22nd August 2018 will go down as a very special day for me. It was the first day I didn’t press the snooze button on my iphone X after being woke up by some ridiculous sounding alarm. Why? Because I was super excited and already awake.

Did Rafa Benitez finally get some money from Mike Ashley for a striker for my beloved Newcastle United? Had all of bitB Staking players miraculously reduced their makeups to a reasonable amount? Unfortunately, neither of the above is likely to happen in my lifetime, but the site I have been happily (well 85% before this release) representing finally released their game changing new software.

I have been working with the software team in beta phases on a brand new table design that enhances gameplay and offers players an easier way of playing more tables. On Day 1 of the beta testing, I registered for a tournament I would sometimes miss because of having too many tables open and went and won it for $20,000. Not enough to give to Rafa for a new striker, but I was a big fan regardless.

So what’s new?

  • Improved, larger table design
  • Customisable table felts and backgrounds
  • Modernised player plates, including digital countdown timer
  • Increased hole card sizes
  • Enhanced Player Note functionality
  • Restyled Bet Slider that now incorporates the timebank
  • MTT custom buy-in range, allowing tournament players to filter MTTs by buy-in
  • Mix-Max tournament style
  • Showdown on checkdown

In layman’s terms it means the tables are sexier. Everything is clearer, easier to navigate around and it’s more fun to play.
patrick table

Here is a table I made while I was playing some tournaments. Note that player note colours are random so don’t read anything into them! I had a choice of more than 30 colours for the table, so obviously went with gold because I was planning on shipping the tournament!

You can clearly see the timebank next to my newly designed player plate that shows everyone how long I have left to act. The bet sizes and chip stacks and player fonts are much clearer to everybody than in previous versions of the partypoker software and it’s a genuinely just very clean, smart, software that I’ve loved playing on.

Send me your feedback on Twitter, but please leave the NUFC shaming out of it, including your suggestions and wishes for the software. I’m working with the team daily to ensure that all sensible suggestions are heard and acted upon quickly, so we can continue to roll out new releases at least once a month. Hope to see you at the new tables soon.

Ready to join the party?

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