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We pride ourselves, here at partypoker, on being the online poker site that not only listens to its players but acts of the wishes of those players. After all, without you the players, there is no partypoker.

Our Team partypoker members, be they sponsored pros or ambassadors, are constantly interacting with our customers on social media, online at partypoker and at partypoker LIVE events around the globe and feeding back to the partypoker management team.

The Power Series, our tournament schedule, has been a hot topic among you for the past few weeks an all your thoughts and concerns have been collated and gone through with a fine-toothed comb. Now that all the data has been processed, we are able to take action and make some major changes to how Power Series events run.

You will start to see these changes come into force over the next few weeks, with the target being that all Power Series tournaments, Monday through Sunday, will have these improvements in place by the end of August 2018. So, what are these changes? Let’s take a look.

  • Bounty Hunters, including PKO events, will become freezeouts
  • There will be far fewer re-entries on all other multi-table tournaments (MTTs)
  • Late registration will be reduced
  • Structures will be improved

The new structures are a major overhaul as we are switching over to our “Smooth” structure where the cost per round does not increase by more than 10% for the duration of the tournament. Despite this, thanks to reducing late registration and re-entries, the finishing times of tournaments will be earlier while the average stack towards the business end of the tournament will be improved.

Some of the changes are already in place and the feedback has been positive to say the least. Please do let us know your thoughts, as always, through our Team partypoker members and across our social media channels.

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