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They think it’s all over, it is now! Wow, what a thrilling end to the Pokerfest Championship, especially for stroj_1 who shone during the $300,000 guaranteed Main Event nd emerged victorious to claim the gigantic $46,337.58 first place prize.

A total of 1,624 players took to the partypoker for the Pokerfest main Event, creating a guarantee-busting prize pool of $302,064 which was distributed among the top 216 finishers. The talented rdcsrn was the unfortunate bubble boy, his exit paving the way for a payout of at least $241.65 for anyone with chips in front of them.

By the time the final table was set, the minimum payout was a bankroll-boosting $4,500.75 and it is at the final table that we begin our recap of the action.

Pokerfest Main Event Final Table (November 2, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 GeekyPhilip 853,776
2 drugs0rme 65,967
3 PolloDeOro 1,117,214
4 FegytPLZ 363,129
5 bajen1999 262,288
6 stroj_1 1,981,802
7 Zipelectro 987,875
8 Vulturesrus 1,204,806
9 tHeClaImEr1 1,283,143

FegytPLZ Falls by the Wayside in Ninth Place

Twelve hands into the finale, with blinds of 15,000/30,000/3,000a, FegytPLZ open-shoved for 314,629 from late position with and Vulturesrus called from the big blind with . The flop kept FegytPL in front, but the turn turned the hand on its head and gave a huge advantage to Vulturesrus. The was not one of FegytPLZ’s outs and he became the first casualty of the final table.

drugs0rme Drops Out in Eighth Place

The very next hand saw the short-stacked drugs0rme bust at the hands of bajen1999. Drugs0rme raised all-in for 83,434 in total from early position and bajen1999 flat-called from the cutoff. Vulturesrus called from the small blind meaning it was three-handed to the flop.

Vulturesrus check-called a 90,000 bet from bajen1999 and then check-folded to a 180,000 bet on the turn. Bajen1999 flipped over and drugs0rme’s was drawing dead. The inconsequential completed the board and the final table was down to seven players.

Vulturesrus Vanquished in Seventh Place

Those seven became six three hands after drugs0rme’s demise when Vulturesrus and GeekyPhilip clashed in what was one of the biggest posts of the tournament.

It started with a min-raise to 60,000 from stroj_1 under the gun, a call from Vulturesrus two seats across and a squeeze to 240,000 from GeekyPhilip on the button. Everyone folded back around to Vulturesrus and he decided to call. Vulturesrus then led for 120,000 on the flop only to face an all-in bet of 760,538, a bet that Vulturesrus called to be at risk of elimination.

Vulturesrus turned over and was a huge underdog to the in his opponent’s hand. The turn was followed by the river, busting Vulturesrus in seventh place and sending the 1,917,422 pot to GeekyPhilip.

bajen1999 Busts in Sixth Place

After the blistering start to the final table it was no surprise that there were no more eliminations for 52 hands of play. On that 52nd hand, bajen1999 raised all-in from the hijack seat for 279,795 (blinds 25,000/50,000/5,000a) with what turned out to be . Zipelectro, on the button, raised to 546,925 with and both blinds folded. A board reading was of no help to bajen1999 and he crashed out in sixth place.

PolloDeOro Pushed Out in Fifth Place

Four hands later and PolloDeOro’s tournament came to an abrupt end despite committing his chips as a substantial favourite. He moved all-in for 520,244 with and Zipelectro called from the small blind with the lesser . Those pocket fives only remained second best until the flop then remained on top through the turn and river, sending PolloDeOro to the rail with a legitimate bad beat story.

tHeClaImEr1 Crashes in Fourth Place

Four-handed play lasted all of one hand and ended with the October 19 edition of the $250,000 Guaranteed Sunday champion Rick “tHeClaImEr1” Trigg losing a crucial coinflip with stroj_1. The latter min-raised to 100,000 from the cutoff and then called when tHeClaImEr1 three-bet all-in for 525,531 from the small blind. tHeClaImEr1 had made his move with and was narrowly ahead of the of stroj_1, but only as far as the flop of the board.

GeekyPhilip Gone in Third Place

Heads-up was set 38 hands after tHeClaImEr1’s exit when GeekyPhilip fell victim of stroj_1’s run good.GeekPhilip raised to 120,000 from the small blind, stroj_1 called and the flop fell . GeekyPhilip bet 120,000, stroj_1 responded with a raise to 275,540 and GeekyPhilip called.

The turn brought the into play and GeekyPhilip check-called a 285,505 bet from stroj_1. The landed on the river, GeekyPhilip checked, stroj_1 set him all-in and GeekyPhilip though his were good, but that wasn’t the case because stroj_1 held for a straight.

That hand left stroj_1 with a commanding 7,219,372 to 900,628 chip lead over Zipelectro and nobody was surprised to see the tournament end nine hands later.

Zipelectro Zapped in Second Place

The final hand of the Pokerfest Main Event saw stroj_1 limp on the button, Zipelectro move all-in for 702,628 with the and stroj_1 have an easy call with the . Call he did and when the five community cards fell Zipelectro busted and stroj_1 has won all of the 8,120,000 chips in play and became the latest Pokerfest Main Event champion!

Pokerfest Main Event Final Table Results (November 2, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 stroj_1 $46,337.58
2 Zipelectro $33,649.92
3 GeekyPhilip $24,406.77
4 tHeClaImEr1 $18,335.28
5 PolloDeOro $14,891.75
6 bajen1999 $11,891.75
7 Vulturesrus $8,850.47
8 drugs0rme $6,011.07
9 FegytPLZ $4,500.75

Another player who deserves a huge round of applause is lede007. If that name rings a bell it is because the last time we ran Pokerfest he won the $300,000 Main Event. While he didn’t manage back-to-back Main Event victories, he did take down the $150,000 guaranteed High Roller on November 2, which is a phenomenal achievement. Congratulations!

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