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James Bond, better known as his code number 007, uses an array of gadgetry in the books and films bearing his name in order to complete his quests. Denmark’s lede007 may use the same code number as the fictional Bond, but the only thing he used on his way to an epic vitory was his supreme poker skills!

A staggering 1,769 players exchanged $200 for a chance to become the 2014 Pokerfest Main Event champion and secure a slice of the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. These 1,769 entries meat the guarantee was reached and that $329,034 was up for grabs, with the eventual champion taking home a bankroll-boosting $43,598.53.

The tournament kicked off at precisely 7:00pm UK time on Sunday evening and the final table reached some 11-hours later. Leading the finalists into battle was lede007 and his 5,128,694 stack, whose nearest rival was WeRize and his 4,686,048 chips.

2014 Pokerfest Main Event Final Table

Seat Player Chips
1 nipa3p3 4,169,173
2 lede007 5,128,694
3 RedKinGGs 2,088,676
4 SophieMoone 1,865,493
5 showtizzzle 1,433,706
6 kokonakueka 730,174
7 WeRize 4,686,048
8 m1ronO 2,463,632
9 OneOfTheseDays 3,924,404

It took 35 hands for the first elimination from the final table, OneOfTheseDays being the ninth place finisher. It had been one of those days for OneOfTheseDays because he lost with a full house over a bigger full house (which hit on the river), he then turned top-two pair with ace-king and lost to jack-deuce and his final hand saw WeRize min-raised to 160,000 from the button and OneOfTheseDays defend his big blind with a call. The duo checked the flop. The fell on the turn and it lit a powder keg because OneOfTheseDays led for 216,000 chips, WeRize raised to 489,234 and OneOfTheseDays responded by jamming all-in for 762,468. WeRize called, showed and was a 100% favourite to win the hand because OneOfTheseDays held for a smaller flush. The completed the board and ended OneOfTheseDays’ tournament.

RedKinGGs busted in eighth place after moving all-in for 1,047,488 (10 big blinds) from early position with what turned out to be and was looked up by m1ronO in the big blind who has in his hand. The flop gave RedKinGGs some hope, but the turn and river were of no help to him and he crashed out of the Main Event.

SophieMoone then lost a coinflip with showtizzzle to lose all but 1.8 antes of her stack. Lede007 raised to 200,000 from early position and SophieMoone looked down at and three-bet all-in for her 1,042,804 stack. To her immediate left was showtizzzle and he called off his 1,024,261 stack with . Seeing that action in front of them, everyone else folded, including lede007, and the Randon Number Generator got to work putting the community cards into view. is how the board ran out, SophieMoone taking the lead on the flop then falling back behind on the turn.

Here tournament ended on the very next hand when her couldn’t improve against the dominating of kokonakueka.

Six became five with the exit of WeRize as the clocks displayed 7:45am, some 12.25 hours after play had begun! Lede007 found in the hole and opened the betting with a raise to 200,000 and the action folded to WeRize in the big blind who raise all-in for 1,776,422 from the big blind with . That all-in bet was called and when the board ran out , lede007’s sevens were still the best hand and WeRize crashed out.

Lede007 continued to send players to the rail when he dispatched of nipa3p3 shortly after WeRize’s untimely demise. The action folded to nipa3p3 on the button and he opened to 240,000 with . lede007 raise to 522,299 with the powerhouse hand that is and nipa3p3 called. The flop came down improving nipa3p3 to a pair of tens, but it was still way behind lede007’s holding. Lede007 led for 522,222 and was called. The was the turn card, giving nipa3p3 extra outs to a straight, outs he’d need because lede007 bet 1,422,222 and then called when nipa3p3 raised all in for 3,234,637 chips in total. The river was the , which was no help to nipa3p3. Game over for nipa3p3, whose exit meant each of the remaining four players were guaranteed a five-figure score for their efforts.

The first player to pick up their $10,000+ score was kokonakueka. A few minutes prior to his exit, kokonakueka doubled with pocket fives versus the ace-king of lede007, but the same pocket fives faired a lot worse in a rematch with lede007’s . No set this time on a board, leaving only three players in the hunt for the title.

Lede007 held 20.6 million of the 26.5 million in play so it was no surprise to see him emerge victorious less than 20 hand after kokonakueka crashed out of the tournament. M1ronO was the first of lede007’s last opponents to bust, he jammed 2,504,003 chips at the 150,000/300,000/30,000a level from the button with and was unfortunate to find lede007 sat in the small blind with . By the river the board read and heads-up was set.

After 15 hands of one-on-one play it was all over and the champion crowned. Lede007 set showtizzzle all-in while holding and showtizzzle called with . The flop propelled lede007 into the lead, bu the turn gave him a sweat because he now had to avoid a diamond or an ace on the river to avoid doubling up his opponent. And he did just that as the appeared in the river, condemning showtizzzle to a runner-up finish (one worth a cool $26,158.20) and leaving lede007 to collect $43,598.53 and enjoy and early morning celebrator drinks – probably a Vodka Martin, shaken not stirred.

2014 Pokerfest Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 lede007 $43,598.53
2 showtizzle $26,158.20
3 m1ronO $15,464.59
4 kokonakueka $11,516.19
5 nipa3p3 $8,061.33
6 WeRize $6,087.12
7 SophieMoone $4,606.47
8 RedKinGGs $3,619.37
9 OneOfTheseDays $2,796.78

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