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Poker books are an invaluable tool; we all read them, we all love them, we all heed the advice we find within their pages. Clearly, your game will improve if you take advantage of what the authors of those books aim to teach you. But here’s the thing:

In the course of my merry adventures as a player, I’ve come to find that the most valuable poker lessons I’ve ever learned weren’t found in those books gathering dust on my shelf.  If you pay attention, you’ll find that you can gain an infinite amount of knowledge simply by listening to bits of off-the-cuff wisdom from the likes of Mike Sexton or random players you run into during your poker sessions.  These pieces of advice are usually not easily forgotten, and will stay with you for life.

The best guidance I’ve personally received is the first on the list below, and  followed by 9 other priceless pieces of advice that you’ll never find in any poker book.  Some of these may make you laugh, because they ARE funny! Do yourself a favor, though, and take note of their message.

  • See that watch to your left, [the one with all those diamonds]? The bigger the watch, the bigger your value bet needs to be. – Travis Williams
  • If a nit who remembers JFK check-raises a dry flop, he has a set. – Michael Mock
  • Don’t play against people nicknamed after a city. – Erik Jensen
  • If a fat guy puts in a raise while he’s eating, he’s got a monster. – Jason Corlew
  • If a player is addressed by his profession – “Joe The Lawyer”, “Doctor Scott”, “Jim the Jeweler”, for example…  play as frequently and as big as possible with said individual. – Melissa Burr
  • Ask $1/$2 players if they are on the $2/$5 list. Bountiful information comes from conversations to follow. – Benjamin Breed
  • While eating, put down your fork and cold 4-bet. They’ll fold QQ! – Tyler Patterson
  • If the older player across from you is shaking, it isn’t always a big hand, it could be Parkinson’s. –Daniel Cox
  • At most, poker should be no higher on your list than Plan “B” in life. – Steven Dannenmann
  • For a happy life don’t play with a-holes. – Alex Outhred

If you have a piece of poker advice you’d like to share, tell us in the comments section below, or shoot us a tweet… if we think it’s as good as you do, we’ll include it in our next list!

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