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stewart scottBack in Sydney again after a weeklong break back home in Tweed Heads. Had a good poker week and have managed to pick up $40k playing tournaments online. This time my first stop was the Triple M radio breakfast show.

I start to get used to it but it could still me slightly intimidating with these fast talking radio pro’s. Triple M focused on the blokey approach and the running theme was “Are you a real man if you don’t play poker?” My answer to this would probably be no.

I don’t really trust a guy who tells me he have never played poker.  Would you?

I got Friday off and took the ferry up to Manly and spent the day on the beach. I grew up in Sydney but moved out 12 years ago.

I hated the traffic and it still annoys me every time I’m back. But I must admit Sydney got to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and if you ever come for a visit I recommend taking the ferry through the harbour up to Manly and the northern beaches.

George my manager came down that afternoon and we went for dinner at the newly opened Spice Temple with the master chef Neil Perry running the kitchen. Without a doubt the best Chinese meal I had in my whole life! And for your information yours truly used to be a chef for 17th years and like his food.

This morning it was time for a reality check in the gourmet department. I had probably one of my top 3 worse breakfasts in my life. Microwaved Scandinavian breakfast with scramble eggs and salmon. Neither is supposed to get even close to a microwave. Yuck!  Georges poached eggs were like two rocks and could successfully be used in a riot.

After our not delightful breakfast we were picked up by my sponsor Party Poker’s Australian manager Henrik who took us out to Parramatta, a suburb to Sydney. I’m supposed to hold the opening speech at the NPL state final and am a little bit nervous. We practise on the way out and running late.

Finally we managed to find the club and where welcomed by 450 players.  Once again I managed to get a microphone that made me sound like I was talking with a bucket on my head. Same thing happen when I held my speech in Goulburn. I’m cursed and think that next time I need to bring my own PA system.

More blogs to follow

Stewart Scott


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