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Ian Frazer European OpenBack in November our grassroots ambassador Ian Frazer and his good friend Debbie Styles hosted a bounty tournament at with $150 going to the players who knocked out either of the two.

Here’s Debbie’s review of the tournament.

Talk about an adrenalin pumping, edge of your seat moment prior to the game commencing. With five minutes to go and only 14 players seated, my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. The seats started filling one after another, the hype was awesome. 45 players finally took the Stylsey Challenge, with loose, erratic online poker.

With Ian Frazer low stack early having the pressure of decision making, he became a casualty very early in the challenge. I guess us being the bounties with $150 on our heads, we became targets with myself being eliminated shortly after.

Whilst I was railing for the remainder of the challenge I witnessed some awesome play and decision making, made by these players. Fantastic effort by Brooke for placing 2nd, all the plaudits go to  Chris for taking down the 1st “Stylsey Challenge” at So it is one up to the Brits, but I’m sure one of us Aussies will take down the next one. I’m looking forward to the next “Stylseys Challange”. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

The next tournament will be played on the 27th of December, perfect for all of you with a Christmas hangover.  This time the bounty stakes have been raised.  Whoever knocks out either Ian or Debbie will get a free pass to the next $300K Guaraneed tournament worth $215 and the eventual winner will also get free entry on top of the first prize.

Head over to the PartyPoker facebook fan page for full details (you will need to login before you can add yourself to the event).  And don’t forget to add yourself as a fan so you can keep up to date with future exclusive tournaments.


To help you get your game in order before the action kicks off Ian has produced a series of video tutorials.  We will be presenting them on the blog every Thursday running up to the big day.  To start things off Ian discusses the danger of overplaying big hole cards in the early stages of a poker tournament.

Keep his thoughts in mind when you face him at the poker table and you could well be the one to claim his scalp!



  1. keep getting these invites e’ but when you gonna send me a proper invite cos’ i don’t understand these link ones…. sis xx

    • Jan you have to download the PartyPoker client, and there in “Tournaments” lobby in “Special” folder you will see the Frazer & Stylsey’s Xmas Bounty.

  2. Chris "Salfordian35" Leigh on

    I have to agree with Stylesy, it was a great fun tourney and I was proud to win it for the Brits and would like to echo Debbie’s comment and congratulate Brooke for playing well and coming runner-up.
    I have already registered for the next Stylesy/Frazer tourney on Dec 27th, C’mon fellow Brits, lets show the Aussies who are the best at poker!

    Maybe the next tourney in the new year could be a Brit v Aussie team event?!?

    • Congrats on the win Chris and good luck this month! Yeah, why not… Speak with Debbie and let us see what we can do.