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Aussie Millions

Our Australiasian Ambassador Stewart Scott has been playing bounty tournaments at for entry to the Aussie Millions.  Here’s Stewart’s update on his progress.

After exchanging bad beat stories for a couple of hours it’s time for some poker action. I play the $50 side event with a $640 Aussie Millions ticket as bounty on my head and also have a longest lasting $50 beer money side bet with Party manager Henrik. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to take me on to get the bounty.

The tournament director makes the announcement and I have 110 hungry players cheering loudly smelling blood. I figure good cards will work in my favour but if I’m on a bad run I will get nowhere.

Tournament starts and I fold for the first two levels being card dead. Finally I looked down at two beautiful cowboys and put in a standard raise of 4 times the bb. I got 4 callers, how unexpected?!

Flop comes down 589 two hearts. Being on the button everyone checked to me and I lead out with a pot size bet and got one caller. Odds improving. 2s on the turn shouldn’t change anything and I lead out with another big bet and the guy repops and I come over the top all in. He snap calls and show A9. Sweet!

But you probably know the end of this story, an A came on the river and Peter (that’s the guys name) screams out YES! I’m heading for the rails and wishes Peter all the best. Hopefully I will see him in Melbourne in January.

That’s it for today. I will head over to a mates pub tonight to play a $300 tourney $30k GTD, wish me luck I need it.

Over and out Stewart Scott

It’s not too late to qualify for the Aussie Millions, tournaments are still running at  For more information head over to the Aussie Millions section for details on entry to satellites for the final qualifiers.


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