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Calling all SPINS and SPINS Ultra players. Are you aware that we give our SPINS players $15,000 worth of PartyPoker Dollars every day? That’s right, $15,000 just for playing your favourite game! Everyone that has access to is automatically enrolled in the P$15K Daily SPINS Leaderboards.

It is easier than ever before to climb the leaderboards because you earn points for every SPINS and SPINS Ultra tournament you play! Precious leaderboard points are based on the buy-in and the leaderboard multiplier; more on that last part soon.

There are seven leaderboards to climb, each dedicated to a SPINS buy-in level. SPINS with buy-ins of $0.25 to $20 have separate leaderboards, with $50 and $100 SPINS and SPINS Ultras grouped together in what we call the Medium leaderboard. Having leaderboards based on stakes means you are always competing against similar players.

You earn points using the following formula: (buy-in – rake) * Leaderboard Multiplier.

Your leaderboard multiplier is based on the prize pool multiplier in your SPINS and SPINS Ultra games. Hit the higher prize pool multipliers, and you’ll earn a ton more points; here’s hoping you’re lucky!

Prize Pool Multiplier Leaderboard Multiplier
2 2
3 3
5 5
10 10
25 and above 25

Be one of the top 50 points earners for your buy-in level, and you’ll win up to P$1,000. It is as simple as that.

SPINS Daily Leaderboards Pay Structure

Rank $0.25 $1 $3 $5 $10 $20 $50+$100
1 P$25 P$50 P$100 P$150 P$250 P$400 P$1,000
2 P$20 P$40 P$80 P$120 P$200 P$320 P$800
3 P$15 P$30 P$60 P$100 P$160 P$260 P$675
4 P$12 P$25 P$50 P$85 P$130 P$220 P$575
5 P$10 P$20 P$40 P$70 P$110 P$180 P$500
6 P$7.50 P$15 P$30 P$55 P$90 P$150 P$425
7 P$5 P$12 P$25 P$40 P$75 P$120 P$350
8 P$3 P$10 P$20 P$30 P$60 P$100 P$300
9 P$2 P$5 P$15 P$25 P$50 P$80 P$250
10 P$1 P$4 P$12 P$20 P$40 P$60 P$200
11-15 P$0.75 P$3 P$9 P$15 P$30 P$50 P$175
16-20 P$0.75 P$3 P$9 P$15 P$25 P$40 P$150
21-25 P$0.50 P$2 P$6 P$15 P$20 P$30 P$125
26-30 P$0.50 P$2 P$6 P$10 P$15 P$20 P$100
31-40 P$0.25 P$1 P$3 P$5 P$10 P$15 P$50
41-50 P$0.25 P$1 P$3 P$5 P$5 P$10 P$25

New To SPINS? Here’s a Brief Intro

SPINS are three-handed hyper-turbo sit & go tournaments where the prize pool is randomly determined before the first cards are dealt. They come with buy-ins of $0.25, $1, $3, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. SPINS Ultra come with the same buy-in levels but have shallower starting stacks and faster blinds for a supercharged experience.

The prize pool you play for ranges from 2x all the way up to 240,000x! SPINS payout to a winner-takes-all structure unless the prize pool multiplier is 120x or above. All three entrants receive a prize when the multiplier is this high.

Two of our SPINS make it possible to become a millionaire in a matter of minutes! $5 SPINS have a maximum multiplier of 240,000x! Trigger this, and you’ll play for a slice of a $1,200,000 prize pool. The second and third-place finishers receive $100,000, while the winner gets their hands on $1,000,000.

James “James23C” Carmichael is one of our SPINS millionaires. He literally hit the jackpot in a $5 SPINS, while “elielalbiter” and “nilverlobo” saw their PartyPoker account balances swell by $100,000. Will you be the next millionaire that our SPINS creates?

Our $100 SPINS are the other buy-in level that can make you a millionaire.

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