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Chip Counts

It’s an easy game for Jonathan Duhamel right now, the runaway points leader in the group is also the runaway chip leader in this heat.

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level. Blinds are now 8,000/16,000/2,000a

Jonathan Duhamel – 926,000 (+382,000) 58 big blinds
Antonio Esfandiari – 477,000 (-40,000) 30 big blinds
Sam Trickett – 259,000 (-224,000) 16 big blinds
Scott Seiver – 405,000 (+130,000) 25 big blinds
Marvin Rettenmaier – 195,000 (+15,000) 12 big blinds
Phil Hellmuth – 138,000 (+68,000) 9 big blinds

Good level for

Jonathan Duhamel – The Canadian is absolutely crushing the Premier League helped in part by the huge hand he won against Antonio Esfandiari (see below). He’s already got 27 points and now it’s a question of how big a stack he’ll take to the final.

Scott Seiver – The eliminations of Jungleman and Negreanu mean he’s already guaranteed himself three points in this heat and that is enough to ensure he’s still going to retain an interest in automatic qualification come heat four.

Bad level for

Sam Trickett Whilst he’s picked up a minimum of three points he did his chances of picking up significantly more than that a world of hurt by losing almost half his stack.

Daniel Negreanu Kid Poker was eliminated in seventh place you can read about it here.

Jungleman He picked up the bagel in the third heat although if you click here, you’ll see he was unlucky to do so.

Hand of the level

Never mind hand of the level this just might be hand of the tournament and without a doubt the hand of the heat. “That’s just one of the greatest plays ever,” said Jesse May at the conclusion of the following hand.

From the button Antonio Esfandiari raised to 25,000 with and Jonathan Duhamel defended from the big blind with . The flop fell , check-call of 33,000 from Duhamel. The hit the turn, Duhamel check-called a second barrel from Esfandiari, this time the bet was 57,000.

The completed the board, “both the flush draw and straight draw got there,” whispered Jesse May in the booth. It was checked to Esfandiari again, “I don’t think Antonio can do it,” said Phil Laak. “If he fires another barrel he’s got tremendous heart,” added Jennifer Tilly. But bet he did, Esfandiari sliding out 114,000 in total. “If Jonathan calls this I’m done playing him, I don’t want him at my table, I can’t play him anymore.

About 15 seconds passed and Duhamel announced he was all-in, Esfandiari folded and Jesse May went nuts.

View from the booth

“There’s so many scenarios where every player is going to be well in this going into the last heat.” Jesse May on how tight this group is panning out.

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