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Phil Hellmuth doubling up through Jonathan Duhamel with pocket sevens against despite there being two clubs on the flop, led indirectly to Daniel Negreanu’s elimination is seventh place.

The next hand Negreanu raised to 24,000 on the button with and Hellmuth said: “My instincts are screaming at me to move all-in,” before calling with . “You got 9-8 or something?” asked Negreanu.

The flop came , it was checked to Negreanu, the Canadian moved all-in and Phil Hellmuth called all-in for 101,000 total. The and completed the board leaving Negreanu with just 34,000.

He then got a double up with against Scott Seiver who called the three-big blind shove from the big blind with .

He was then on 80,000 when he played his final hand in this heat, Phil Hellmuth raised to 38,000 with , Sam Trickett and Antonio Esfandiari called before Negreanu tank-shoved with pocket eights.

The flop fell , it was checked to Esfandiari, he bet 102,000 which was enough to get the others out, Negreanu saw the bad news and he couldn’t get there on the turn or river.

Those two points should be enough to see Negreanu reamin above the relegation zone, but he’ll be in the play-off zone and need to pick up some points in the last heat.

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