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The race for the $30,000 top prize in the High Roller Club leaderboard is seriously heating up and the excitement is soon going to go crazy thanks to the leaderboard concluding on July 16.

Some of the world’s elite superstars adorn the top 20 positions and will share $100,000 for their efforts. Rok Gostisa is the man to catch right now, but the chasing pack it hot on his heels.

Let’s check out what went down during the latest round of tournaments.

High Roller Club: 6-Max 2nd Chance – $150K Gtd

Team partypoker’s Roberto Romanello came super close to taking down the 6-Max 2nd Chance. The Welshman was one of the 30-entrants in the $5,200 buy-in tournament and he navigated his way to the six-handed final table in style.

Only four of those six finalists won a share of the $150,000 prize pool, meaning Alex Foxen and Teun Mulder missed out on some prize money despite their sixth and fifth place finishes.

Christoph Vogelsang was the first player to bag some cash. The UK-based German took home $15,789 after falling on fourth place. Another superb player in Jans Arends finished in third place, which resulted in a $22,500 score for the Dutchman.

Arends’ exit left our very own Romanello and Russia’s Iurii Pasiuk to fight it out for the remaining prizes. The heads-up duo struck a deal that saw them bank similar prizes. Romanello goes into the history books as the second-place finisher and with $54,971 to show for his performance. Pasiuk banked $56,738 and claimed the title of champion to boot.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Iurii Pasiuk Russia $56,738*
2 Roberto Romanello United Kingdom $54,971*
3 Jans Arends Netherlands $22,500
4 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $15,789

*reflects a heads-up deal

High Roller Club: Main Event $400K Gtd

After finishing third in the $5,200 6-Max 2nd Chance, Jans Arends was the unfortunate soul who burst the bubble in the $10,300 buy-in Main Event. Sami Kelopuro pushed into Artur Martirosian’s aces to fall in seventh before Arends’s lost to the of Vogelsang courtesy of a board.

Team partypoker’s Isaac Haxton was the first player to bust inside the money. Haxton’s fifth-place exit resulted in $25,000 making its way to his partypoker account. Haxton busted at the hands of Jake Schinlder during the 150,000/300,000/37,500a level. Schinlder min-raised from under the gun and called when Haxton shoved for 5,232.144 from the small blind. Schinlder turned over and Haxton the . The community cards provided no drama and Haxton was gone.

Pavel Plusev, a regular on the partypoker LIVE tour, fell in fourth, his losing a flip to the of Martirosian.

The final three became two when Vogelsang ran out of steam. The methodical German made a move with and ultimately lost to the of Schindler.

This game Schindler a 28,726,800 to 9,273,200 chip lead over Martirosian going into heads-up and it didn’t take long for him to get his hands on the Russian’s stack. The final hand saw Schindler limp on the button with and Martirosian check with , which were hardly stellar hands but this is heads-up.

The flop hit both players and the writing was on the wall. Martirosian checked, Schinlder bet 400,000 into 900,000 and was called. The turn saw Martirosian check and Schinlder check behind. The landed on the river and Martirosian led for 425,000 only to see Schinlder pop it up to 2,000,000. Martirosian obviously didn’t believe that story because he pushed all-in for 7,973,200 and was called.

Another major title for Schindler and another deep run against amazing opposition for Martirosian.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jake Schindler Mexico $163,000
2 Artur Martirosian Russia $106,000
3 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $66,000
4 Pavel Plusev Moldova $40,000
5 Isaac Haxton Canada $25,000

High Roller Club Leaderboard Top 20 (July 9, 2020)

Rok Gostisa leads the High Roller Club Leaderboard with only a handful of events left to play. The Slovenian is on course to secure the top prize of $30,000 but those hanging from his coattails won’t let him win it without a fight.

Gostisa had 1,613 points before the tournaments on July 9 but seven other players have more than 1,000 points. These include second-place Alex Foxen (1,531), Martirosian (1,457) and Wiktor Malinowski (1,235). Things are certainly getting exciting!

Place Player Points
1 Rok Gostisa 1,613
2 Alex Foxen 1,531
3 Artur Martirosian 1,457
4 Wiktor Malinowski 1,235
5 AliIimsirovic 1,081
6 Thomas Muehloecker 1,044
7 Timothy Adams 1,035
8 Teun Mulder 1,029
9 Luke Reeves 899
10 Micahel Addamo 876
11 Daniel Dvoress 851
12 Juan Pardo 831
13 Jans Arends 777
14 Preben Stokkan 720
15 Pascal Lefranoics 695
16 Isaac Haxton 663
17 Matthias Eibinger 660
18 Sergi Reixach 573
19 Andras Nemeth 570
20 Sam Greenwood 554

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