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The Poker Master Online PLO Series concluded in spectacular fashion on June 29 with the two Main Events crowning their champions. $51,000 was the buy-in for the $1.5 million guaranteed Main Event with the Mini, which was anything but, costing $5,200 and featuring a $500,000 guarantee.

Team partypoker’s Isaac Haxton walked away with the Main Event title and a cool $675,000 while Alexander Petersen triumphed in the Mini and turned his $5,200 investment into $148,624.

Poker Masters #15 – Main Event: $1.5M Gtd

The 29 entrants were reduced to only five on Day 1 and these five hopefuls returned to the action on June 29 to complete the tournament. Only four spots were paid so the tournament was immediately on the stone-cold bubble!

Haxton held a massive chip lead going into Day 2 but there was still plenty to do before he could claim the title, not least, the bubble had to burst first!

It took almost an hour before the bubble popped and it was Andre Filipe Santos who was the unfortunate bubble boy. With blinds at 20,000/40,000/5,000a, the action folded to Haxton in the small blind and he raised to 120,000 with . Santos called in the big blind with leaving himself only 98,121 behind. The flop fell , Haxton set Santos all-in and was called. No help arrived for Santos and he headed home empty-handed.

This locked up at least $157,896 for the four surviving players and Haxton was in a dominant position. Haxton held 4,466,225 chips, almost 3.5 times the combined total of his other three opponents!

Haxton Continues In Role of Executioner

Chris Kruk was the first player to bust in the money places. He raised to 140,000 first to act with , Haxton three-bet to 480,000 with and Kruk called off the remainder of his stack. The flop kept Kruk ahead but the turn gifted the hot-running Haxton trip nines. The river completed the board and Kruk headed for the showers.

Third-place and an impressive $225,000 went to Finland’s Aku Joentausta. Three-handed play lasted 90-minutes as the trio of star butted heads over and over. Joentausta’s tournament ended when he limped in from the small blind with , Haxton made it 180,000 to go with before calling the Finn’s check-raise to 540,000. The rest of the Finn’s 563,707 chips went in on the flop and Haxton quickly called. Running spades improved Haxton to an unnecessary flush and heads-up was set.

Heads-Up Set; Haxton leads

Haxton went into the final stage holding a 3,634,488 to 2,165,512 chip lead over the extremely talented Grazvydas Kontautas. Haxton extended his lead and it was only a matter of time before he got his hand on the rest of his Lithuanian opponent’s stack.

With blinds 40,000/80,000/10,000a, Kontautas limped in then called Haxont’s raise to 240,000. The flop saw Haxton bet pot for 500,000 before snap-calling when Kontautas raised all-in for 652,024 in total.

Haxton: [Jd[p8g]

The turn improved Haxton to top pair but Kontautas could still catch a ten or a non-diamond four to win the hand and double-up. Unfortunately for him, the river was the , giving Haxton the nut flush and the title of Main Event champion!

Place Player Country Prize
1 Isaac Haxton Canada $675,000
2 Grazvydas Kontautas Lithuania $442,104
3 Aku Joentausta Finland $225,000
4 Chris Kruk Canada $157,896

Watch all the final day’s action, with commentary from James Dempsey, by heading to our official Twitch channel.

Poker Masters #16 – Mini Main Event: $500K Gtd

Alexander Petersen won the Mini Main Event by halting the amazing run of Brazil’s Dante Fernandes.

Fernandez topped the Mini leaderboard by a country mile after amassing almost $100,000 in winnings in the Poker Masters events costing between $530 and $2,600. He netted another $100,300 here after falling at the final hurdle in the heads-up battle with Petersen.

Earlier at the final table, Alexander Norden of Sweden fell in sixth before Team partypoker Joni Jouhkimaunen busted in fifth-place for a $36,875 prize.

Joachim Haraldstad and Jens Lakemeier both fell by the wayside in fourth and third place and won $50,150 and $70,800 respectively. This left Fernandes and Petersen to battle one-on-one and Petersen emerged from that fight victoriously.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Alexander Petersen Denmark $148,624
2 Dante Fernandes Brazil $100,300
3 Jens Lakemeier Austria $70,800
4 Joachim Haraldstad Norway $50,150
5 Joni Jouhkimainen Finland $36,875
6 Alexander Norden Sweden $24,485

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