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Nick Petrangelo warmed up for the upcoming $100 million guaranteed WPT World Online Championships in style by taking down the High Roller Club: Main Event $750K Gtd for more than $350,000.

Petrangelo is one of the best No-Limit Hold’em poker players in the world, one with almost $17.5 million in live poker tournament winnings. He’s something of a beast in the online poker world two and was constantly ranked among the top 10 players in the world by PocketFives until he removed his aliases from his profile.

Let’s see how Petrangelo got the job done in the $25,500 buy-in Main Event on June 28.

High Roller Club: Main Event $750K Gtd

A field of 31 entrants meant only the top four finishers won a slice of the $775,000 prize pool this week, resulting in half the final table going home empty-handed. One of our own, Team partypoker’s Mikita Badziakouski, fell in eighth. Badziakouski busted at the hands of Adrian Mateos.

Mateos opened the betting with a raise to 222,222 with from early position and Badziakouski called on the button with . Petrangelo called in the big blind with . A flop reading saw the action check to Badziakouski who fired a bet of 250,000 into 816,000. Only Mateos called.

The turn was the and Mateos check-called again, this time a 1,000,000 bet. The river completed Mateos’ flush and he checked it. Badziakouski bet 2,590,000 leaving himself only 768,800 chips behind. Those went into the middle when Mateos check-shoved and Badziakouski saw was sent to the showers.

Vyacheslav Buldygin fell in seventh when his couldn’t get there against the of Petrangelo. Artur Martirosian would have won a massive pot had he called. He folded pocket nines and a nine appeared on the flop. We know this because our Twitch coverage of these events is streamed with hole cards shown!

Martirosian then busted in sixth-place. The action folded to him in the small blind and he open-shoved for a shade under 7.5 big blinds with [5h. Christoph Vogelsang wasted no time in calling with , which held, the reduce the player count by one.

Bubble Bursts; Petrangelo Takes Control

The bubble burst and it was Mateos who popped it. Petrangelo opened from the button for 440,000 at the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level and Mateos ripped it for 8,464,003 with . Petrangelo snapped the Spaniard off and saw his stack swell to 20 million when the five community cards fell .

Mateos’ untimely demise was music to Jake Schindler’s ears because he was nursing a stack of less than nine big blinds. Unsurprisingly, Schindler was the next casualty. He pushed all-in from under the gun with and Petrangelo called, having been dealt pocket queens twice in two hands! The ladies held, Schindler busted in fourth and Petrangelo’s stack grew to 22.7 million, more than three-times the combined total of his two remaining opponents.

The final three became two when Vogelsang busted in third. He min-raised to 400,000 from under the gun and only Michael Addamo called, doing so from the big blind with . A flop saw check-raise Vogelsang’s 200,000 continuation bet to 700,000. Vogelsang called.

Addamo checked again on the turn, leaving the door open for Vogelsang to test the waters with a 740,000 bet, which Addamo called. The river completed the board and Addamo checked for a third time. Vogelsang jammed for 1,704,894 with only ace-high. Addamo called with top pair to send the tournament into heads-up.

Heads-Up For a $356K Score

Petrangelo held a substantial 22,379,606 to 8,620,394 chip lead over Addamo but victory was far from a foregone conclusion. Addamo won this event last week and wasn’t giving up without a fight.

The UK-based Aussie clawed his way level and even pulled ahead at one stage before a relative cooler hand brought the curtain down on proceedings. It started with a raise to 550,000, a shade over twice the big blind, by Petrangelo with and Addamo called. A flop hit both players square in the face. Addamo initially checked but then check-raised to 1,451,962 with his two pair after Petrangelo made it 290,625 to see the turn. Petrangelo called.

An appearance on the turn by the all but guaranteed this hand was going to the river. Addamo elected to overbet shove for 12,222,481 into 4,066,424, sending Petrangelo into the tank. He emerged with a call and was rewarded with a straight-completing on the river! Game over for Addamo who collected $217,000, which left Petranglo to bank the $356,500 top prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Nick Petrangelo Canada $356,500
2 Michael Addamo United Kingdom $217,000
3 Christoph Vogelsang United Kingdom $139,500
4 Jake Schindler Mexico $62,000
5 Adrian Mateos United Kingdom $
6 Artur Martirosian Russia $
7 Vyacheslav Buldygin Russia $
8 Mikita Badziakouski Slovenia $

Don’t worry if you missed this epic encounter unfold because you can watch a recorded stream of it, complete with commentary from James Dempsey, via our Twitch channel.

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