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Everyone enjoys experiencing that winning feeling, especially when what you’re winning is money. We recently switched our Cash Game Leaderboards to a daily payout structure instead of weekly to give more of our players the chance of winning a cash prize. Dutch player “Gr33nKK” was one of player who benefited from the recent switch.

Gr33nKK is a 40-year-old guy who calls the Netherlands home. By day he runs his own business in the green energy sector, at night he returns home to his girlfriend and occasionally dips his toes into the partypoker cash game waters.

You could say Gr33nKK is a veteran of the online poker world as he’s played this crazy game for the past 13-years. He started by playing Fixed Limit Hold’em but developed a love of PLO quite early in his career.

“I discovered poker in 2007 so I’m pretty old school. Limit Hold’em was still very popular in those days. It was easy to learn so I started with that. I soon switched to No-Limit Hold’em because it was more exciting and there was more money to be made. I learned Pot-Limit Omaha in 2009 and it’s the game I love the most to this day. Cash games have been my bread and butter but I enjoy other formats from time to time as well.”

From High Level Chess to Semi-Professional Poker Playing

The Dutch grinder makes a nice side income from the game. He’s also a talented chess player, but online poker’s flexibility is what makes him play more of it.

“I’ve always been a semi-professional poker player. I played chess at a high level in my youth, I like other games, and I’m very competitive. Chess I play still for fun sometimes, but with online poker, I can enjoy games at any hour of the day and make some nice side income too!”

Making our Cash Game Leaderboards daily worked in Gr33nKK’s favour because he, like many of our players, can’t dedicate a full week to grinding at the tables. It’s a switch that our Dutch friend is happy with.

“For me, the switch to daily gives me a shot at winning and that is pretty cool. As I have a business to run, winning the weekly leaderboad would be really hard. I have played more recently because my business is affected by the COVID-19 crisis, so I can now try for a few daily leaderboard wins. I’m not sure if it is healthy to go for it every day, however, because I had to take the full day off on Tuesday just for balance!”

The Grind Started During the Witching Hour

Gr33nKK won the Monday PLO $0.05/$0.10 leaderboard so decided to start the grind at midnight on Sunday to try and get a head start on his opponents. It was a decision that certainly worked.

“I decided to go for it on Monday so I started Sunday at midnight. I played for around five hours and had a pretty solid lead. Play resumed after I’d slept for 4-5 hours and I’d expanded my lead by the afternoon. Some business dealings took up 2-3 hours and I lose most of that lead.”

“I reckoned it would be a tough evening as I was getting pretty tired. I really wanted to win though so I pushed through. Unfortunately, I ran bad in the last few hours and the quality of my play suffered too. At one point, I was up 10 buy-ins for the day, but I ultimately lose about five in the end. A player with the alias Nevereasyy seemed like he had a point to prove and made it never easy as he gathered points at a faster rate through his lagtard style. But in the end, I managed to win the leaderboard and that was a really awesome experience! Winning 15 buy-ins for the win and a couple more with cashback made it a nice profitable day too.”

His prize money was $150 and it’s going to come in handy right now and Gr33nKK’s business has been struggling a little with the crazy goings-on in the world.

“I have taken more money out of my bankroll that I would ideally prefer because my business doesn’t generate as much income as normal due to the coronavirus crisis. From July, however, I expect to get more income again from my business so I can keep more money in my bankroll and take some shots at higher stakes. It’s still uncertain right now so I have to be careful because I still have bills to pay. I think I am still +EV in games 1-2 stakes higher than I currently play so if I can manage to grow my bankroll a bit and my business grows more stable then I will move up. I’ll probably take some shots at winning a couple more leaderboards when my schedule allows it.”

How To Become a Better Cash Game Player

You can’t just log a ton of volume and hope to win a daily Cash Game Leaderboard. Your poker skills also need to be razor sharp because there are some good players competing at all levels. Thankfully, for you, Gr33nKK has some excellent words of advice and tips for becoming a better cash game player.

“Checkout training sites such as Run It Once, Upswing Poker, and Bluff The Spot. Understanding the plays these pros make is the most important. If you try to just copy them you will probably misapply their strategy because there are a lot of variables in this game. Learn one or two concepts at a time and focus on those until you can dream them.”

“Maybe play a couple of tables less while you focus on learning and add some more tables when going for the leaderboard. With the daily leaderboards you could have some learning days and grinding days. In the grinding days, you can check if you correctly applied the concepts that you learned previously. If you have, it’s time to learn another concept, as long as that isn’t three-betting a player with the handle Gr33nKK!”

Before he headed back to the business and poker grind, Gr33nKK left us with some kind words about the ongoing developments at partypoker.

“I would like to say that I rediscovered partypoker and really enjoy playing here! I think you guys do a really good job to balance the fun for recreationals with the seating system and no HUDs allowed policy. There are some great promotions for grinders too so there is liquidity in the games and they’ll make profits without the recreational players feel like they’re being hunted. I hope this system will be successful for the players that play for fun and thrill, for the pros, and for partypoker. Win, win, win! For the foreseeable future, all of my play with be on partypoker.”

So there you have it, anyone can win our daily Cash Game Leaderboards if you’re willing to have a day grinding at the tables away from your usual daily routine. Look out for Gr33nKK at the tables if you jump into the PLO cash games at partypoker.

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