Roberts Krigers has two passions in life: law and poker. The latter saw him become a partypoker Legend of the Week, taking down Leaderboard 2 after some stellar performances in The Five Diamond Daily Legends tournament.

Roberts hails from Riga, Latvia where he lives with his poker-playing girlfriend. He’s played poker since his early teens and it was the competitive part of poker that drew Roberts to the game.

“What I enjoyed the most was noticing that better players can have an edge over weaker players. To this day, the competitive part of the game is what I like the most.”

You usually find Roberts grinding $5 and $11 tournaments, although he takes the occasional shot in higher buy-in games. The $5.50 buy-in Five Diamond is one of Roberts’ favourite events and it is this tournament that saw him soar to the top of the Legend of the Week’s Leaderboard 2.

“It all started on Monday when I won the Five Diamond,” Roberts told the partypoker blog, “After that, I knew I needed to pay attention to the whole leaderboard thing. Surprisingly, on Tuesday, I took second place in the same tournament.”

That pair of results would usually be enough to win the leaderboard, but Roberts wasn’t about to take any chances.

A Win and a Second Place But The Grind Continues

“Even though, as I found out later on, the points I had at the time were already enough to win the leaderboard. But you can never be too sure, right? So I kept playing every single leaderboard tournament that week. Seems like hard work pays off! Besides that, I was keeping track of the other players at the top of the leaderboard. At the end of the week, I had 240 points more than my closest rival.”

Victory in the Legend of the Week promotion netted Roberts $776 worth of tournament tickets to higher buy-in tournaments.

  • 1x $215 Warrior ticket
  • 1x $111 One Shot ticket
  • 3x $150 Daily Legends tickets

Roberts has already used his tickets and loved the experience of playing in much higher stakes than he is used to.

“I already played all the tickets and I truly enjoyed the experience of playing against better-skilled players than myself. It sounds weird, but it’s true. As I said, I like being in a competition, especially with better players than myself. Moneywise, the value of the tickets turned into real money which I consider a good result.”

He may be a little biased after his leaderboard-winning week, but Roberts is a big fan of the Legend of the Week.

Legend of the Week Promotion is Awesome

“Oh, it is awesome. It was so tempting that it gave me more motivation to play the tournaments and to do that more often, not to mention the promotion providing extra value. I hope to see more promotions like this one.”

A lot of thought and tweaking went into creating the Daily Legends tournaments. We wanted to make them accessible to everyone, have decent guarantees for affordable buy-ins, and be structured in such a way that they finish at a reasonable time without compromising the average stack. Roberts believes the Daily Legends tick all those boxes.

“These tournaments definitely attract more players to the game. I think that’s because the tournaments are scheduled at a reasonable time, the structures are great too because people can combine their daily routine with playing poker for bigger prize pools.”

Roberts now has his sights set on winning another Legend of the Week leaderboard at higher stakes than he usually played. We wouldn’t bet against him achieving his goal, that is for sure.

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