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Do you remember your first live game? The feeling of winning a pot and your hands shaking when you pushed all in? The heartbeat that was so loud you thought your head will explode? Even tough it may seem so far today, there are so many players that are beginners in this game and are going trough this drama every day.

It’s stressing to play poker and to think about what your opponent is going to do next, how he will react to what you have done/said but to concentrate on your behavior is even more difficult.

Some people have mastered those skills and, like Phil Ivey, do not give away a single information at the table, but some are still learning and take it so far that they show their tells by trying to hide them.

WPT Venice didn’t lack of those players – ninjas, scarfs, hats…I had a feeling I was at a carnival and not a poker room so I decided to ask some of the experienced pros how they recognize tells and what do they do to use them against their opponents.


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