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Only Phil Hellmuth would stand between two world leaders and monopolize the conversation.

Only Phil Hellmuth would arrive at the opening of a presidential library in his baseball cap. And only Phil Hellmuth would meet George Bush and forget to take the hat off. Only Phil Hellmuth.

But that’s why we love him. There have only been two people in the history of the world who treated all people the exact same way.

There was the Buddha, who treated every man with humility and kindness. And there is Phil Hellmuth, who treats every human being as if they already know that he is the greatest poker player in the world. Hellmuth never breaks character. And so yesterday when he shook the hand of George W. Bush, he gave the former president a book and an autographed beer can.

Show 25 (February 7) with Phil Hellmuth is online now! Click the play button to listen:


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I’m not joking. And neither is Phil. And that’s why that even though George W. Bush shook hands yesterday with twelve governors, nineteen senators, and eight billionaire captains of industry, the one thing he learned for sure is how many WSOP bracelets Phil has won.

When I managed to catch up with him yesterday, Phil Hellmuth was in flying form. Darting between the presidential library and the Superbowl, dinner with Hilary Swank and ditching Michael Phelps, talking Dancing with the Stars and charity work in Uganda. But he’s still just that twenty-four year old kid from Madison, Wisconsin. And he gave me a blow by blow account of his day with GW. Breathless.

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That’s the magic of the greatest one man band the poker world has ever known. You can forget about Ivey, Dwan and Jungleman. Who cares who Isildur is, anyway? As long as Hellmuth is around, poker will be in the hearts and minds of every American. I like to talk to Phil Hellmuth. But even more than that, I love to listen to him. And so apparently, does former president George W. Bush.

Show 25 (February 7) with Phil Hellmuth is online now! Click the play button to listen:


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