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Wow! I have just opened a Twitter account and who do I follow first and what do I see? This picture of Phil Hellmuth with George W. Bush. The Poker Brat in a leather jacket and cap (no iPod on though?) at the opening of the Presidential Library. It’s easy to get an invite anywhere these days isn’t it?

Is it just me or do you get the impression this is just Hellmuth going ‘can i have a picture taken with you’ Devilfish style then claim they you are best mates? Yeah Phil, Bush wanted to talk about all your bracelets and advise you on a new sponsorship deal? Is that what we are going to hear next? Did you talk to him about your life coach and how all the young kids are overtaking you?

I’m guessing your friends Michael Phelps, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and Hilary Swank were there too? You should really let us know when you meet famous people – there is no need to be so humble.

Anyway, to celebrate the opening of my new Twitter account I am offering you $100 of my own money for the best caption to this photo.

On a separate note I also hear Phil is going on Dancing With The Stars and am willing to place a huge wager on him going out first. I want charity to benefit just like it did when some Scottish zillionaire outbid me for Zasko Eastgate’s bracelet.

UPDATE: The winner is Ziga Zorko with “P.H.: Has anyone seen my bike?”.


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