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A World Poker Tour (WPT) final table appearance is something every player dreams of. The event is streamed all over the world to millions of viewers. Two legends of the poker industry, Jesse May and Mike Sexton will be using your name as they commentate on the action and win or lose; you still get an interview with the tantalising Kara Scott.

18 players all went too bed last night, dreaming of a final table, and for eight of those players their dream really did come true. But for every winner there has to be a loser and today there were ten players whose dreams disappeared into the ether.

Michal Polchlopek was the first player eliminated when David Vamplew’s pair of nines snapped off his pair of five’s. Next to go was Giuseppe Cucchiara. The red-rimmed shade wearing Italian losing a flip with [ax][kx]to the pocket queens of Emmanuel Rodrigues.

Then Joakim Jagerving, Christian Fabri, John Tabatabai, Riccardo Mazzitelli, Alessandro Speranza and Nicolas Cardyn were eliminated and we were down to ten and things started to slow down tremendously. The lure of the final table was becoming too strong for the small to medium stacks and they just froze. All of the action was going through Vamplew, Lykov, Isaia, Rodrigues and Mayer who were after the number one spot. Eventually it was Mayer who knocked out our tenth place finisher, which was Andrea Ferrari, and we were down to one table of nine.

The time was approaching 01:00 when the Tournament Director announced that there would be a final four hands before the day ended. Then in the final hand of the night Max Lykov raised, Paolo Della Penna moved all-in and Lykov called. It was a coin flip between Lykov’s pair of sixes and Della Penna’s ace-queen. No ace or queen came down from heaven and landed on the flop and Della Penna was our final table bubble boy.

Top 10 chip counts at the end of the Day 4

1. David Vamplew 4,100,000

2. Alessio Isaia 2,910,000

3. Szabolcs Mayer 2,585,00

4. Max Lykov 2,175,000

5. Adrien Camille Garrigues 1,555,000

6. Emmanuel Rodrigues 1,465,000

7. Luca Fiorini 470,000

8. Paolini Renato 405,000

You can catch all of the live updates from Day 4 here.

WPT Venice Day 4 image gallery

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