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Team partypoker’s flying Finn Joni “JJouhki” Jouhkimainen is in red hot form and has just helped himself to yet another five-figure prize.

Jouhkimainen banked a $92,000 score last week and triumphed in another POWERFEST event too. Now he’s got another final table appearance under his belt. Surely another victory is just around the corner?

POWERFEST #165-HR: $100K Gtd PLO 6-Max PKO

A field of 66-players competed in the $2,100 buy-in PLO 6-Max PKO on Tuesday night, Jouhkimaninen among them. These entrants created a guarantee-busting $135,300 prize pool that was split between them and the top nine finishers.

“danielt999” reached the six-handed final table but their appearance was short-lived and they fell in sixth-place for $3,436. Remarkably, they didn’t collect any bounties on their way to the final table.

“Carnotaurus” certainly banked some bounties, in fact, they collected more in bounty payments than they were awarded for finishing in fifth. They walked away with a combined prize worth $13,100 with $8,137 of that sum coming from the scalps they claimed.

Then came the exit of Jouhkimainen. Fourth-place in this high roller netted the popular Finn $6,872 which was bolstered with an $8,662 bounty payment.

“DasIstMirWurst” became the third-place finisher and won more than $10,000, before “Thor9” brought the hammer down on “bonjogo” heads-up to win this event. Thor9 achieved godlike status and a combined prize worth $49,081. Our runner-up scooped $17,175 plus an additional $787.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Thor9 $17,188 $31,893
2 bonjogo $17,175 $787
3 DasIstMirWurst $9,163 $1,050
4 Joni “JJouhki” Jouhkimainen $6,872 $8,662
5 Carnotaurus $4,963 $8,137
6 danielt999 $3,436 $

POWERFEST #164-HR: $250K Gtd 8-Max PKO

POWERFEST #164-HR: $250K Gtd 8-Max PKO was another big PKO tournament with a $2,100 buy-in. It attracted a field of 121 who fought it out for a slice of the $250,000 pie.

High stakes regular “forHolland1945” was the final table’s first casualty and they were joined by “DasIstMirWurst” who reached yet another POWERFEST final table. This latest deep run netted them $10,538.

“cmjuc”, “player654” and “Jizoint” all fell by the wayside in succession before the talented “ChimneyBarrel” crashed out in third-place for $22,562 to send the tournament into the heads-up stage.

The one-on-one clash saw “marathur1” and “Irunsogoooood” lock horns. I runsogoooood can’t have run that good because they ran out of steam to finish in second-place for $23,123 plus $12,534 worth of bounties.

Marathur1 won a similar $23,148 from the main prize pool and a massive $42,196 from the bounty prize pool.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 mararthur1 $23,148 $42,196
2 Irunsogoooood $23,123 $12,534
3 ChimneyBarrel $16,525 $6,037
4 Jizoint $11,567 $2,100
5 Player654 $8,593 $3,018
6 cmiuc $6,610 $4,200
7 DasIstMirWurst $5,288 $5,250
8 fromHolland1945 $4,296 $4,987

POWERFEST #162-SHR: $500K Gtd 8-Max

Two players padded their partypoker bankrolls with six-figure prizes on Tuesday which is pretty cool to say the least.

The $5,200 buy-in POWERFEST #162-SHR: $500K Gtd 8-Max attracted a stellar crowd and any of the 100 entrants would have made a worthy champion.

“DasIstMirWurst” banked another $43,750 making for a quite ridiculous Tuesday session. This was the fourth-place prize of this superb event. “Player654”, who finished fifth in the $2,100 NLHE PKO event for more than $11,000, finished third in this tournament for a massive $62,500.

This set up an enticing heads-up battle between “Sundaynightking” and “Blackk88” for the lion’s share of the prize pool. It was a heads-up clash that was settled with the assistance of a deal. Blackk88 is the player who officially finished in second-place, doing so with a $101,946 prize nestled in their account. Sundaynightking was crowned, well, king and booked a $108,053 payday.

Place Player Prize
1 Sundaynightking $108,053*
2 Blackk88 $101,946*
3 Player654 $62,500
4 DasIstMirWurst $43,750
5 gastrader $32,500
6 SuperNutz $25,000
7 WatchMeDance $20,000
8 BoldPilot $16,250

*reflects a heads-up deal

SPINS Your Way To Glory

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Multiplier 1st place prize Frequency in 1M games
2 $10 cash 651,227
3 $15 cash 257,202
4.4 $22 POWERFEST ticket 75,000
11 $55 POWERFEST ticket 10,000
21.8 $109 POWERFEST ticket 5,000
64 $320 POWERFEST ticket 1,000
106 $530 POWERFEST ticket 500
210 $1,050 POWERFEST ticket 50
420 $2,100 POWERFEST ticket 20
1,040 $5,200 POWERFEST ticket 1

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