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We have already told you about the upcoming $10 million guaranteed Powerfest, which runs from September 4 through to September 25, and in that article we touched briefly on the Powerfest Mini. Now is the time to reveal more about this awesome 12-event festival, which serves as the perfect warm-up to its bigger $10 million guaranteed brother.

The Powerfest Mini runs from September 1 through to September 4, and sees three tournaments take place each day. These 12 events have buy-ins ranging from as little as $0.55 up to a still affordable $2.20, yet have combined guaranteed prize pools of $49,500.

Each of the Powerfest tournaments are exceptional value, and if you check out the schedule below, you’ll see what we mean. Just look at the Powerfest Mini Main Event on September 4, it only costs $2.20 to buy into, yet boasts of a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool!

Powerfest Mini Schedule

Date Time Lobby name Buy-in
September 1 18:00 Powerfest Mini #01 – $3,000 Gtd Bounty $2.20
20:00 Powerfest Mini #02 – $5,000 Gtd $2.20
22:00 Powerfest Mini #03 – $2,500 Gtd Turbo $2.20
September 2 18:00 Powerfest Mini #04 – $2,000 Gtd Heads-Up $2.20
20:00 Powerfest Mini #05 – $5,000 Gtd 6-Max $2.20
22:00 Powerfest Mini #06 – $2,500 Gtd Turbo $2.20
September 3 18:00 Powerfest Mini #07 – $2,000 Gtd $1.10
20:00 Powerfest Mini #08 – $5,000 Gtd $2.20
22:00 Powerfest Mini #09 – $2,500 Gtd Hyper Rebuy $0.55
September 4 18:00 Powerfest Mini #10 – $5,000 Gtd $2.20
20:00 Powerfest Mini #11 – $10,000 Gtd Main Event $2.20
22:00 Powerfest Mini #12 – $5,000 Gtd Turbo $2.20

As if putting up large guarantees for tiny buy-ins wasn’t enough to have you clambering for your mouse – or favourite mobile device thanks to our awesome new app – wait until we tell you about the Powerfest Mini Leaderboard that pays out a ridiculous amount of tournament tickets for the upcoming $10 million Powerfest series.

Each time you play a $1.10 or $2.20 Powerfest Mini event you earn leaderboard points based on your finishing position, buy-in, and number of entrants in that particular event. If you’re one of the top 500 points earners when the final Powerfest Mini tournament ends, you will walk away with a bunch of tournament tickets for your efforts.

Finish top of the leaderboard and you’ll bag yourself more than $2,000 worth of tournament tickets, yes, more than $2,000 worth made up of:

  • 1 x $215 ticket
  • 10 x $109 tickets
  • 1 x $55 ticket
  • 25 x $22 tickets
  • 1 x $11 ticket
  • 15 x $5.50 tickets

Here is the full payout table for the Powerfest Mini Leaderboard.

Powerfest Mini

Keep your diaries free between September 1-4 and see if you can win yourself not only a tidy sum of cash, but more tournament tickets than you can shake a stick at, in the Powerfest Mini!

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