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So it is official, Phil Hellmuth is not coming to the Premier League V in Vienna in April. He hasn’t got a sponsor and he doesn’t have the bankroll or the heart. Don’t worry Phil – this week is the last week of online qualifiers – re-locate and show you are qualified! I really think this is Phil’s only option now.

Great for the Game!

I’ve always said that Hellmuth is great for the game. He talks, he screams, he name drops – he meets Clinton, he meets Bush, he used to win bracelets – what an ambassador for the game!? Yes that brat bragging is all intensely annoying, I agree, but what if the poker world was full of Andrew Robls? Head down, Beats headphones on – all maths, no heart, extended time on the clock. You cannot deny that Hellmuth isn’t good for the game, especially for its profile on tv and with world statesmen.

Call that a Win?

It is time to re-evaluate Hellmuth though. Big news in recent weeks is that he won a side event at the WPT LA Poker Classic. ‘Win’ is a strong word, he chopped it five ways – did they let him win? What a disgrace? Here’s my new thought – Hellmuth is good for the game and shouldn’t retire but he should accept that he is no longer one of the leading lights of the game.

He is no longer sponsored, he is staying up too late at night playing way too much luck induced Chinese poker. The Premier League is a good example – the $125,000 buy-in is now beyond Hellmuth, despite the fact there is $200,000 added and he has a reasonable record in the tournament series (not in recent years though). Hellmuth loves tv exposure and needs it if the US market eventually opens up but he cannot afford it – simple enough. There are no backers that are willing to stake him even when there is added money! Hellmuth only travels now where he will gets his flights and hotel paid for and a small buy-in paid so he can bust out within two hours and drink the finest Louis baby he can get his hands on. He needs more heart and commitment to the highest level and stakes in the game. Either that, or he becomes a celebrity poker MC for a living.


If Hellmuth came to the Premier League Jungleman would swing him from the trees, Dwan would durrrr his soul, while the Seiborg would Seidel him. Patrik Antonius would drink his reads like pure Fiji Water while Vanessa Selbst will slam dunk him every time he tries to bluff. The Russians are also too much for him. I think that the 10k Premier League play-off is too big for him these days. A $125k buy-in is unthinkable.

If Phil is having money problems that means he cannot play at the highest level i am willing to stake him (i am a charitable man) and even lend him Zasko as an advisor and protector for a short period. i know i would destroy him in cash games and get it all back anyway. Can someone please arrange for Phil Hellmuth to win the lottery, it would be great for the poker economy!? Alternatively, I know there is lots of people with grand ideas about poker – do any of you want to sponsor him?


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