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When someone told me that Phil Hellmuth was going to meet the Presidents of The United States of America I would have thought they were talking about that band that sang ‘Peaches’.

But no, here he is with William Jefferson Clinton, ex Rhodes Scholar and the purveyor of the finest cigars since Hannibal in the A Team.

I heard a rumour Hellmuth is coming to Europe in the next couple of weeks – if I don’t see him at the WPT Vienna or Bratislava I think it is safe to conclude that his career is over, it is gone, gone, gone!

I destroyed him so hard that even the slightest possibility of bumping into me makes poker’s biggest baby run for the hills. Feel my power baby! I can dodge bullets baby but not when they are fired by Tony G.

$50 dollars goes to the best caption

Sorry Wicked Chops Poker boys if I have got there first but following all those entries to the caption competition featuring the Brat and Dubya this has to be done. 50 dollars goes to the best caption for the picture.

Phil – when are we going to get the Obama pictures?


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