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I absolutely loved France I have to say and it was a surprise to see a Russian winning the WPT National Series Event at the ACF.

Are the Russians the worse players in the world – no, in fact the Russians are coming! The French are definitely the worst now.

Anyway, you know me I am game for a laugh so I thought it was time to bring Kermit out of retirement…

Some of you will know that my green froggy friend made an appearance at the last Premier League but he’s back with a message to the French poker community!

I’m sure you all know that I am a multilingual, in fact some people have mistaken me for Moscovite with my new improved Russian language skills – especially when I am out walking my dog and wearing my big furry coat!

Anyway, who knew I could speak French and be part of a super high end advertising campaign to promote are doing a promotion where you can win a trip to Vegas EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This got me way too excited, all these French Fish coming to Sin City. I love it!

Anyway here’s an English translation of the video below:

“Hi French guys, I have a great news. My Sponsor PartyPoker has introduced NEW NIGHTLY PROMOTION WHERE YOU CAN WIN A TRIP TO VEGAS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. This is brilliant, I love it – send those French fish to vegas –I’ll eat them all. Thank you my sponsor for this dish : Yum yum!”

I’m retiring from live poker until the next tournament

I cannot not take to my blog without mentioning the return of Peter Eastgate – the shortest retirement in the history of poker. Even though the sale of his bracelet made a lot for charity I would have felt cheated if I had bought it only for him to go back on his decision.

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One thing’s for sure Zasko wouldn’t have been happy so the Great Dane Eastgate doesn’t want to cross his path in the coming weeks.

Maybe Peter had a big change of heart? I always thought it was so strange that he put his bracelet up for auction in the first place – I hope he hasn’t made a comeback too soon.

All I would say to Peter is think about all those heavyweight boxers that retire and continually make a comeback. They end up with permanent brain damage (perhaps with Rocky as an exception?).

On this bombshell I would like to announce that I am now retiring from live poker until the next tournament. Until then my focus is online – my sponsors have come up with a brilliant promotion made specifically for people like me! I want to play less and win more!


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