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Play Less, Win More! I have to say that is my philosophy in life at the moment. Whether it is partying in Vegas or playing at the tables I have to Play Less and Win More. I am a winner baby, I am the champion.

I was intrigued to see my dear sponsors come up with a promotion so suited to the G lifestyle so I have been trying to work out what approach to take to my online play in March.

I’ve decided I am going to take on the top level of the promotion and claim my $3k cash.

The first few targets of the promo are pretty tough so I’m going to take it easy and spread these over a few days, maybe try and hit 1500 points a day – that should be easy enough with my faithful gladiatorial friend Zasko sat by side.

Then I’m going to just put my feet up… play less… win more and watch the cash roll in. Isn’t this how life should be?

What’s your strategy? $100 to the best

Ah! sitting back and watching the cash roll in – isn’t that like being at the table with a group of Russians and French? When they are at the tables I know I play less and win more!

What’s your best strategy for Play Less, Win More promotion at $100 or a bike goes to the best suggestion.

UPDATE: The winner is Parvu Catalin.


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