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The first of 12 champions in the WPT World Online Championship (WPTWOC) has been crowned and that worthy winner is none other than Paul Tedeschi.

Tedeschi is better-known for his No-Limit Hold’em prowess, the game where the bulk of his $2,780,070 in live tournament winnings stems from. It was Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low where Tedeschi excelled this time around, taking down the WPT #01 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship: $500K Gtd under the watchful eyes of the excellent WPT and partypoker streaming efforts.

WPT #01 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship: $500K Gtd

The final day started with seven players in the hunt for the title but were reduced to six when Ozenc Demir crashed out in seventh-place. It started with a raise to 115,000 from Anssi Kinttala holding and a three-bet to 420,000 by Demir holding . Kinttala made it 725,000 to go and Demir called off his last 168,000 chips.

By the river, the board read tp give Kinttala trip fours and the pot. Game over for Demir.

Erik Dahlberg busted in sixth in what was the biggest pot of the tournament at the time. It started innocuously enough with a raise to 138,000 from Paul Tedeschi and a call from Joao Vieira and then Dahlberg in the big blind.

A flop saw Dahlberg improve to trip eights with his and he checked. Tedeschi bet 161,000 with his , which folded out Vieira. Dahlberg liked his hand and he check-raised to 973,000 before calling off his remaining 931,000 chips with Tedeschi set him all-in. The river didn’t really alter proceeding, but the river gave Tedeschi the nut flush high and an 8-5-3-2-A low to scoop the 4,297,179 pot.

Brazil’s Guilherme Decourt was the next to fall. Decourt had been looking for a spot to get his short stack in and he found it in a hand against Kinttala. Unfortunately, Decourt’s timing was off. Kinttalla opened to 210,000 before quickly calling when Decourt jammed for 402,000 in total. Decourt turned over and found himself up against . The ] board was no help to Decourt and his tournament ended in a fifth-place finish.

Tedeschi Busts The Dangerous Vieira

The final four became three when Vieira ran out of steam after a battle of the blinds with Tedeschi. Tedeschi opened to 210,000 from the small blind with and Vieira called with . A flop was action inducing to say the least. Tedeschi bet 455,000 into 455,000, Vieria responded with a call. The landed on the turn and Tedeschi made it 1.4 million to continue. Vieira moved all-in for 100,000 more chips and was snapped off. The river handed the pot to Tedeschi and sent Vieira to the showers.

Three-handed play didn’t last very long as the final trio decided to chop up the remaining prize money and stop the tournament in its tracks. All three were deep stacked so perhaps wanted to end the tournament early to rest up for the upcoming WPT events.

Kinttala officially finished third and collected $86,628 with Dan Shak helping himself to $87,719 and second place. Tedeschi was the chip leader at the time of the deal so he was crowned the first Championship Event champion of the series, an accolade that came with a $92,105 prize.

A huge congratulations to Tedeschi for his impressive victory and to everyone who navigated their way into the money places.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Paul Tedeschi United Kingdom $92,105*
2 Dan Shak Poland $87,719*
3 Anssi Kinttala Finland $86,628*
4 Joao Vieira Netherlands $42,500
5 Guilherme Decourt Brazil $31,250
6 Erik Dahlberg Sweden $23,000

*reflects a three-handed deal

WPT #01 Omaha Hi-Lo Mini Championship: $500K Gtd

The Mini and Micro editions of the Omaha Hi-Lo Championships also crowned their champions on July 21.

Belarus’ Viachaslau Mikulich was the man who emerged from the $320 Mini battle victoriously and with $29,458 to show for his efforts. Mikulich defeated Swedish star Jesper Hoog to lock up the victory, which left the Swede to bank a still-impressive $21,875.

Earlier at the final table, British mixed game specialist Adam Owen fell in sixth-place and Canadian grinder Vincent Varona busted in fifth. Varona’s exit meant the remaining players guaranteed themselves a five-figure prize.

The first of these, $11,475 to be exact, went to Deniss Lebedevs before Rishi Amin collected $15,908 for his third-place exit, setting up the one-on-one match between Hoog and Mikulich.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Viachaslau Mikulich Belarus $29,458
2 Jesper Hoog Sweden $21,875
3 Rishi Amin United Kingdom $15,908
4 Deniss Lebedevs United Kingdom $11,475
5 Vincent Varona Canada $8,250
6 Adam Owen United Kingdom $6,300

WPT #01 Omaha Hi-Lo Micro Championship: $500K Gtd

Germany’s Stefan Wolfschuetz got his hands on the $33 Micro title and its $8,141 top prize. It’s a superb score for a $33 PLO8 tournament, almost unheard of really, going to show how massive the WPTWOC is.

Before Wolfscheutez got his hands on the title, his fellow countryman Philipp Seluga fell in sixth-place for $1,483. He was joined on the rail first by Vyacheslav Nikulin then by Oscar Destefano of Argentina.

Start of the day chip leader Derrick Wall ran out of steam in third-place, which was good for padding the Irishman’s bankroll with $4,531. His demise left Wolfscheutz and Matthew Harrison to fight it out heads-up for the title. Harrison fell at the final hurdle and banked $6,110, leaving his German opponent to claim the title and the $8,141 top prize.

Place Player Country Prize
1 Stefan Wolfschuetz Germany $8,141
2 Matthew Harrison United Kingdom $6,110
3 Derrick Wall Ireland $4,531
4 Oscar Destefano Argentina $3,175
5 Vyacheslav Nikulin Russia $2,075
6 Philipp Seluga Germany $1,483

Next Championship Event Starts on Jul 25

There are plenty of WPTWOC side events to get your teeth into throughout the week, but your next chance to play in a Championship Event comes on July 25.

WPT #02 Omaha Championship comes with a $3,200 buy-in, and again there are $320 Mini and $33 Micro editions to fight over. Guarantees for these events weigh in at $1 million, $300,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Day 1A shuffles up and deals at 20:00 CET on July 25 with Day 1B starting at the same time on July 26. Day 2 commences at 20:00 CET on July 27, with the third and final day getting underway at the same time on July 28.

There are a plethora of WPT satellites running around the clock and Mega Sats in the pipeline so had to the partypoker lobby for full details. You can also win WPTWOC tickets via our special edition SPINS.

We can’t wait to see which player becomes the next WPTWOC champion. Perhaps it will be you?

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