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By Simon Young

We’ve made online poker history! PartyPoker’s popular Bad Beat Jackpot has been smashed after reaching a stunning world record  of $1,013,381. The magical figure – the first time a bad beat jackpot has shot through the $1 million mark – was shared by players battling it out in a .50/1 limit hold’em game at our jackpot cash tables.

And what a hand it was – quad nines beaten by a royal flush! Our bad beat jackpot pays out if quad eights or better are defeated, so player judith75 picked up the huge $354,683.57 for losing with quads, while player Hiyaall was given $177,341.79 (plus the $24 for winning the pot!) for winning with the best possible hand in poker.

Everyone else at the table – bucktooth1, wisard333, pelusin111, DismasX, fkjnyh, hc8601, chimbila007 and ShoulderGuy – picked up $22,167.72 just for sharing the same felt. To add to the drama of the hand, ShoulderGuy was third with a full house of kings over nines!

The jackpot tables had been packed with action as the bad beat figure kept rising relentlessly. It’s the beauty of PartyPoker’s Bad Beat Jackpot that anyone can win it, no matter what limits they are playing.

Finally, at 23:12 ET on Thursday night, all hell let loose at a .50/1 limit game. Here’s what happened:

Total number of players : 10

Seat 1: ShoulderGuy ($102.28)
Seat 2: bucktooth1 ($28.80)
Seat 3: judith75 ($67)
Seat 4: wisard333 ($24.90)
Seat 5: pelusin111 ($14.90)
Seat 6: DismasX ($35.25)
Seat 7: fkjnyh ($12.25)
Seat 8: hc8601 ($22.90)
Seat 9: Hiyaall ($28.77)
Seat 10: chimbila007 ($28.30)

Hiyaall  posts small blind (0.25)
chimbila007  posts big blind (0.50)

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to ShoulderGuy Kd-Kh
Dealt to bucktooth1 x-x
Dealt to judith75 9c-9s
Dealt to wisard333 x-x
Dealt to pelusin111 x-x
Dealt to DismasX x-x
Dealt to fkjnyh x-x
Dealt to hc8601 x-x
Dealt to Hiyaall Ac-Qc
Dealt to chimbila007 x-x

ShoulderGuy raises (1) to 1
bucktooth1 folds
judith75 calls (1)
wisard333 calls (1)
pelusin111 folds
DismasX folds
fkjnyh folds
hc8601 folds
Hiyaall calls (0.75)
chimbila007 folds

** Dealing Flop **:  Kc-9h-Tc

Hiyaall checks
ShoulderGuy bets (0.50)
judith75 raises (1) to 1
wisard333 folds
Hiyaall calls (1)
ShoulderGuy raises (1) to 1.50
judith75 raises (1) to 2
Hiyaall calls (1)
ShoulderGuy calls (0.50)

** Dealing Turn **:  Jc

Hiyaall checks
ShoulderGuy bets (1)
judith75 calls (1)
Hiyaall calls (1)

** Dealing River **:  9d

Hiyaall bets (1)
ShoulderGuy raises (2) to 2
judith75 raises (3) to 3
Hiyaall raises (3) to 4
ShoulderGuy calls (2)
judith75 calls (1)

** Summary **

Main Pot: $24 | Rake: $1 | Jackpot Contribution: $0.50

Board: Kc-9h-Tc-Jc-9d

bucktooth1 balance $28.80, didn’t bet (folded)
wisard333 balance $23.90, lost $1 (folded)
pelusin111 balance $14.90, didn’t bet (folded)
DismasX balance $35.25, didn’t bet (folded)
fkjnyh balance $12.25, didn’t bet (folded)
hc8601 balance $22.90, didn’t bet (folded)
chimbila007 balance $27.80, lost $0.50 (folded)

ShoulderGuy balance $94.28, lost $8 with a full house – Kd-Kh-Kc-9h-9d
judith75 balance $59, lost $8 with four of a kind –  9c-9s-9h-9d-Kc
Hiyaall balance $44.77, bet $8, collected $24, net +$16 with a royal flush –  Ac-Kc-Qc-Jc-Tc

Judith75 wins Bad Beat Jackpot for $354,683.57
Hiyall wins hand and gets $177,341.79 + $24 from the pot!
All other players win $22,167.72

The jackpot capped an end to a brilliant week at PartyPoker, as we just celebrated our seventh birthday with a monster Birthday Million tournament on Sunday.

We guaranteed a $1 million prize pool, but such was the interest from our brilliant players that the pool shot through the million gate and ended up at $1,245,800. Player TherookieQQ9 took first place, pocketing a very tasty  $233,775 for his efforts.

Congratulations to all our players , and remember to check out the latest Bad Beat Jackpot figure in your Lobby – it shoots up pretty fast!

As an extra bit of good news from Party, a player scooped over $1 million playing on our sensational Godfather slot machine on PartyCasino this week as well! 


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