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By Jon Barrett

Skill is what counts. Luck can help, but ability wins in the long run. This week’s winner of our $300K Guaranteed Sunday certainly knew what he was doing in order to take home a $48,000 top prize.

There were 1,416 others in the tournament that player IDonkOutYou busted to take his first prize. Player makido111 took home a healthy $45,000 and proved that coming second doesn’t make you a donkey…and can actually make you a lot of money.

The tournament lasted for a tense eight and a half hours and by the end, player FILEN99 had come third winning $20,700. Put that in your file and keep it! Once more, well done to everyone who took part and here are the top ten players:

1.    IDonkOutYou, $48,000
2.    makido111, $45,000
3.    FILEN99, $20,700
4.    ErinAAA, $16,350
5.    GD7Belthazor, $13,800
6.    Justcardcore, $10,350
7.    High11th, $7,950
8.    Kuparinen, $5,250
9.    Thanx4thedoe, $4,050
10.    Cazzie222, $2,850

Don’t forget, you can take part in the $300K Guaranteed Sunday yourself. It costs as little as $3 to qualify, or you could buy-in directly for $215. Have a look at our qualifier page for more details.

Inter Milan fan takes home $16,605

Is anything as important as your team? Probably not, but winning a healthy slice of cash must come close. Player Nerazurrii must be an Inter Milan supporter as that’s what the team are known as in Italy, after their black (nero) and blue (azurri) striped shirts.

After some Serie A quality play, Nerazurrii beat 205 players to win a $16,605 first prize in the $50K Guaranteed Saturday. Well done to all the players, check out the top three results here:

1.    Nerazurrii, $16,605
2.    Moorman1, $10,024.50
3.    Amaze1, $5,535

If you want to join $50K Guaranteed Saturday, the Buy-in is $320, with fee included. Just go to the Lobby and register now.

WPT North American Poker Championship package winners

Players Smoke and motsi, have won a $13,000 package to the WPT North American Poker Championship at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara, Canada. Well done, and we’ll see you by the clouds and mist, next to the famous waterfall.


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