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Player hairfhx netted a massive $1,061,857.59 playing on’s stunning new slot, The Godfather. Here he tells what it’s like to bag the jackpot:

“When I hit the jackpot I just sat there like a stunned mullet… I didn’t really believe it. I just kept looking at the screen, and when the reality set in I quickly called Party to confirm my winnings and that’s when the excitement set in.


A stunned mullet

“I rang my wife, but she refused to believe it until she saw it for herself. That’s when we said, ‘You know that dream house we always wanted? Well, we are going to buy it and set up our kids.’.

“Yes, I will still play at Party as it gives me all the excitement of a casino in the comfort of our own home. The most thrilling thing is that our stress levels of raising a family with a mortgage have disappeared. We also know that we have been blessed with this win and will do a bigger part than we have normally done to help those worst off in the community. Many thanks.”

And there you have it. Many congratulations to hairfhx.


You can’t refuse a go on The Godfather 



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