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By Stefano Dicembre has just paid out its biggest-ever Bad Beat Jackpot – almost $700,000 divided between six ecstatic players.

And the stakes? A $44 pot on one of our $0.10/$0.25 NL Hold’em tables to make this story even more amazing.

EBponpogyKT is the lucky loser in question, collecting a staggering $332,306.19 when his four-of-a-kind queens ended up second best to a straight flush on Sunday (July 27) just after 17:00 ET.

ghostridah1 received $166,153.10 for actually winning the hand, while players Lievaai84, Priest8, WheelsteR and Shapatesh all collected $41,538.28 simply for being sat at the right table at the right time.

Here’s the full story of the hand:

EBponpogyKT held Kc-Qd pre-flop while ghostridah1 picked up 10s-Js. Both liked what they saw and ghostridah1 called the $1 bet. Everyone else folded.

The flop of Qh-Ks-Qs gave EBponpogyKT control, completing a full house. ghostridah1, though, was on a straight flush draw and felt confident enough to call the $1.50 bet. The turn completely flipped things around, with the 9s securing ghostridah1’s straight flush and
making it an easy decision to trap call the $3 put in by his opponent.

But then the card to make history. Qc on the river gave EBponpogyKT four of a kind and what he thinks is the winning hand. EBponpogyKT is happy to go all in when his $6 bet is raised to $19 – and he discovers to his horror that he’s lost the hand. But then it dawns that he’s scooped the jackpot and now has one of the greatest bad beat stories ever to tell – and $332,306.19 extra in his account.

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  1. congratulations, really, i have been playing for days, and no luck, hopefully this will change your life forever. take care